Botox guide for first time users

botox-factsYou probably won’t be surprised to know that botox injections are the most common anti aging treatment in the western world.

If you are considering a botox injection for the first time – you may think it’s as simple as going to a botox party or booking yourself into a spa.  Botox is everywhere and we tend to treat it as a normal part of life nowadays.

Injecting neurotoxins into your face may be fairly common – but it certainly isn’t normal and it is potentially deadly.  The sensible approach is to tread carefully and put your safety and health first – as you should with any anti aging procedure. [Read more…]

Lose your gray with the right choice of hair color

coloring gray hairColoring gray hair is a bit of a potential minefield.

Hair color is one of the quickest and easiest way to make yourself look younger – but making the right choice of color is the key to a successful anti aging look.

Get it wrong and you can end up looking years older – nothing is more aging than hair color that clashes with your skin tone.

But a great hair color job can add warmth and radiance to your looks and give your confidence a turbo charged boost.

If you’re using a hair coloring kit at home the choice of color becomes even more difficult without the advice of a professional stylist. [Read more…]

Go green with your daily cuppa

anti-aging-green-teaNot only is anti aging green tea an amazing superfood for your overall health – it’s also a natural active ingredient in anti aging skin care.

Some of the health benefits of green tea include: protection from cancer, heart disease and dementia, increased weight loss and greater physical stamina.

And it isn’t just myth – these findings are backed up by recent clinical research.  If you are looking for anti aging tea – green tea is the best by far. [Read more…]

Best ever top ten anti aging tips

Top Ten Anti Aging TipsAnti aging doesn’t have to mean turning to facial cosmetic surgery or harsh skin rejuvenation treatments. Increasingly there’s a trend to focus on anti aging beauty from within – natural anti aging tips are what most women want.

Listen to anyone you admire for looking younger or aging well and they will tell you that it’s as much about their lifestyle choices as about magic anti aging products.

So – if you really want to look younger and age gracefully – here’s my all time best top ten anti aging tips:
[Read more…]

How will time treat your face?

looking-younger-by-decadeWe all know facial aging will give us wrinkles and sagging skin but do we know how skin ages and what to expect decade by decade.

If you want to look younger then you need to decide what facial aging you can resist and what you have to accept as part of aging gracefully.
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