About Simply Anti Aging

If you’re anything like me when you find a website you like you want to know something about the person behind it.

About me

My name is Eileen Gravelle and I started publishing Simply Anti Aging in 2006.

I am not technically qualified  – but I have over many years built up a lot of knowledge and expertise in many of the main topics covered on  this site.    I write all my own articles – reading a lot about the subjects and researching web articles, libraries, specialist and general interest magazines and my own personal book shelves.

I have an interest in a company selling active ingredients into the cosmetics and toiletries industry and that gives me some additional knowledge of trends and developments in the skin care market.

Most of my working life was spent in Human Resources.  In the early 1990’s I set up my own Human Resources Consultancy and ran that for fifteen years working for many major corporations and businesses.  Around 2005 I felt in need of a new challenge in my life and it was this feeling that ultimately led to the creation of Simply Anti Aging.

About Simply Anti Aging

Simply Anti Aging arose out of my own responses to getting older.

With each year – from around 40 onwards – I noticed more and more of the changes that most of us become familiar with – laughter lines turning into wrinkles, a sprinkling of gray hair spreading into a solid patch, stubborn flab around my middle that seemed to come from nowhere.

At the same time, I became aware of an avalanche of anti aging products, articles, TV makeovers, documentaries and advertising campaigns.  Everyone it seemed had something to sell.

Aging starts from birth

Like most people, I wasn’t wildly happy about the physical changes that happened to me as I got older.  Part of me wanted my younger self back – at least the outer younger self.

On the other hand – deep down – I knew that I had been on this road for most of my life.

We sometimes choose to forget that aging starts from the moment of birth – even before.  Acceptance of the simple physical facts of life is important to aging well.  Gradually a view emerged in my own mind about the way I wanted to grow older and how I wanted to look and feel.

Aging gracefully or disgracefully – it’s our choice

Coming to a view about aging also meant – and continues to mean – making choices.  How far do we go to look younger or just better? 

Will I have surgery? How much money am I prepared to spend?  How much discomfort or pain will I put up with?  Making decisions of this sort – whatever the TV shows tell us – is a serious business for most women and what we need above all is information. 

Easy to read information in one place

Of course, there is a lot of information about anti aging out there – but in my experience – not enough of any real substance and very little that helps answer the questions you have.

If you think you may be interested in botox – for instance – how can you really make a choice unless you know all the other options available and how they compare. 

As scientists push the boundaries of what’s possible keeping up with your choices becomes more and more difficult – impossible if you have to search all over the internet to find out about them. 

This website attempts to address that problem.  I’ve assumed that if you are interested in skin care to deal with your wrinkles then you may also be interested in food that will make your skin look good, anti aging supplements, great make up or hair care for older hair.

That was the assumption I made – because that’s what my own experience told me and what I found lacking out there when I started looking.

A simple philosophy – looking good for your age

A recent article in a major newspaper talked about a new “aesthetic goal” and went on to define this goal as: “looking good for your age, great for your age if possible, but not spectacularly, implausibly preserved”.

My view now is that while I accept the process of aging – I want to age as well as I can and to keep looking as good as possible for my age.  I believe that there are many women out there who share that simple philosophy and increasingly a lot of them are much younger than 40.

If you share that view – then this site is for you – whatever your age.