Anti aging ingredients: what really works?

mature woman thinking about anti aging ingredientsAnti aging skin care is in a state of constant development. With huge profits being ploughed into more and more research, cosmetic companies and dermatologists are continually taking the quest for the ultimate anti aging ingredient up to the next level.

So how do you pick your way through the science if you’re not a scientist?

What should you be looking for in a cream to avoid wasting your money on ingredients that simply don’t do what they claim? [Read more…]

Topical botox : How do they do it ?

how-topical-botox-products-workHyping a topical product as a botox alternative or botox cream is quite some claim for any skin care manufacturer to make.

Around twenty years after the anti aging potential of botox injections was first spotted more and more topical products claim to deliver the same results without the needle.

Some claims are more credible than others it has to be said – if you see a low cost product with an “instant wrinkles gone” advertising slogan – I would be inclined to hold tight on to your purse and not splash out.

And yet the new generation botox topicals are based on powerful new ingredients that are – like botox – ‘line relaxers’. The aim of these products is to reduce your natural expression lines or “motion wrinkles” as derms call them.

But are they likely to work at all and should you buy one?
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Ditch your skin toner over 40?

do-you-need-skin-tonerNot so long ago using a skin toner was an essential part of the three step skin care regimen that you just had to follow for beautiful skin.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize has been the way to go for years now with virtually no one of any note disagreeing.

Recently though – doubts about the wisdom of using a skin toner have started to emerge and some very eminent names in the world of skin care have said they do nothing at all for us. [Read more…]

Four step skin care for mature skin

mature-skin-care-regimenThere’s no doubt about it – cared for skin looks younger for longer. Younger looking skin takes a bit of work. A regular daily skin regimen is vital as you head into your 40’s and beyond – even if you neglected things in the past.

We all know the steps – cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize. But are you doing it?

Don’t spend time worrying if you’ve let your beauty regimen lapse – start now – brush up on your anti aging skin care and see great results quicker than you think.
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Affordable anti aging skin care

budget-skin-careRecent research on consumer behavior after the credit crunch apparently shows that one thing women generally don’t cut down on is their spending on skin care.

Seems like we value the way good anti aging skin care makes us feel and we are reluctant to stop buying it – even when we are really pushed for cash.

Compared to some of the big budget items in the family finances the cost of most skin care items is very small and using face creams and lotions makes us feel good for a comparatively small outlay. [Read more…]

The story of a viral skin care brand

viral-skin-care-bootsSometime in 2007 I was surprised to find that “Number 7 British miracle serum’ suddenly become the most popular search term for this website. An avalanche of visitors followed and I realised I was in the middle of a buying frenzy.

I wrote the bones of this article at that time – largely to help the thousands of people looking for a product they couldn’t find. After all the website had no mention of the ‘new’ serum they were all looking for – Protect and Perfect.

Now in 2012 – in the process of reorganising content on the site I was about to ‘retire’ the content as it was out of date and then I thought again. It seems to me the story still stands as a fascinating example of a brand that made itself an international best seller – almost despite the best efforts of the British company that developed it.
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Why plastic surgery isn’t enough

surgeons-anti-aging-skin-careIn the fight against the signs of aging – many women consider that surgery is the only real answer.  An anti aging cream just isn’t a radical enough solution.

This may have been true in years gone by but the skin care market has moved on. There’s been something of a revolution in skin care for mature women in the last five years or so.

Suddenly every sought after plastic surgeon you could think of has brought out their own anti aging skin care range.
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Store cupboard exfoliating cream – who knew?

homemade-exfoliant-baking-sodaWe all know how important exfoliating is for sloughing off dead skin cells and getting active anti aging ingredients deeper into the skin.

The problem is it’s another skin care product to add to the list. Top end branded scrubs and microdermabrasion creams can cost quite a bit and you may be tempted to go without in these thrifty times.

But you may not know that you can take a cheap store cupboard basic and transform it into an effective homemade exfoliant.

Not only good for cake making and household chores it seems – baking powder is also a great natural skin polisher.
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How dark circles deepen with age

eye-circles-deepen-ageIf we lived in a fair world dark circles would be a punishment for stopping out too late and partying into the early hours. They would have nothing to do with age at all.

But life just isn’t like that – no matter how much of an early to bed kind of person you are – over a certain age – deep dark hollows may still shock you in the morning mirror. If you are prone to getting them you probably hate the way they make you look tired or ill and certainly a lot older than you really are.

Whilst the area round your eyes does get deeper and darker with age – there’s more to it than that. There are quite a few reasons why we get them and you can take action to make them better.

First off though – you are not alone!
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Users guide to the best anti aging skin care

how-to-find-the-best-anti-aging-skin-careIf this is the first time you’ve considered using anti aging skin care products you may literally not know where to start.

There are thousands of creams, face serums, lotions and potions to choose from with new must have magic ingredients appearing weekly in the beauty press.

Anti aging skin care is a multi-billion dollar business and women all over the world spend a small fortune every year on the search for the ultimate youth giving face cream. [Read more…]