Why the best smoothies are green

freshly made bright green smoothies Green is my favourite smoothie color.

Odd really – if you had asked me to taste a green drink a few years ago I would probably have said “Yuk no thanks” – or something similar.

I was reminded of this strange attitude recently sitting with a colleague and tucking into a bottle of green juice with my lunch. Breaking the golden rule – never speak ill of someone else’s food choices – he said he could never bring himself to drink anything green and didn’t know how I could. [Read more…]

Don’t get bitter: ten tips for walnuts

fresh walnuts in shells Children’s author Raold Dahl attributed his sharp brain in later life to his daily habit of eating a handful of walnuts.

The amazing benefits of this strange looking anti aging super food go far beyond “just” keeping your brain cells alert – although that would be enough for most of us right there.

The trouble is walnuts can be a bit divisive – you either love them or hate them and those in the latter camp claim they hate their nasty bitter taste. [Read more…]

Matcha – anti aging miracle food

anti-aging-matcha-teaThe anti aging health benefits of matcha green tea are so dramatic and wide ranging that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

What if I start by telling you that matcha tea fights cancer and age related diseases like dementia, boosts skin health, contains powerful antioxidants and amino acids, burns fat, detoxifies the body, lifts mood and aids mental concentration? [Read more…]

The wonder of walnuts

anti-aging-walnutsIf you’re looking for an all round anti aging wonder food then walnuts have a good claim to be somewhere near the top of your list.

In fact – anyone looking to improve nutritional health through a small change in diet should take a good look at the humble walnut.

And it really is a small change in diet that’s all you need to get the anti aging boost from walnuts.

Just one ounce of walnuts daily – equivalent to around 7 shelled walnuts or 14 walnut halves can give you the health benefits described. [Read more…]

Apples and pears reduce your risk of stroke

reduce-stroke-risk-applesOf all the illnesses to afflict us as we get older – suffering a stroke is one of the most feared.

They can hit you without warning and have a major impact on your quality of life. Who among us over 50 year olds hasn’t wondered what we can do to reduce our stroke risk?

According to recent research – changing your diet in quite a small way can dramatically impact your chances. Specifically – eating just one or two apples or pears a day could halve your stroke risk.
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Glycemic Index: Why it matters

glycemic-indexGlycemic Index is a highly searched term on google nowadays so – chances are – you’ve already heard something about it. Go back five or ten years and most people wouldn’t have a clue what GI foods were or why they mattered.

Nowadays we are better informed and many of us are concerned about weight gain and controlling blood sugars as we get older.

We know that high blood sugar levels and blood sugar spikes are bad and that we should aim for normal even levels throughout the day.
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Healing honey a great anti aging food

healing honey is also a great anti aging foodOnly fairly recently has science caught up with common practice – at least as far as the benefits of honey are concerned.

For centuries – and in many cultures – healing honey has been used in folk medicine as treatments for wounds. But there was no scientific proof.

Then scientists at the University of Bonn in Germany proved that honey applied topically can cure wounds infected with resistant bacteria in weeks. Even more importantly they showed us why this happened.
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Pack your diet with color for anti aging health

Packed with antioxidants for anti aging healthFor energy, fitness and all round anti aging health you need color in your diet.

They don’t just look good on the plate – colorful foods do you good as well. Colorful food is good for you because each different color in the food relates to a different phytonutrient. Phytonutrients are simply nutrients derived from plants and different phytonutrients have different health and anti aging benefits.

A high level of antioxidants is the key to great anti aging nutrition. The best way to put together an antioxidant rich diet is to think primary colors when you shop for your fruit and vegetables. The more colorful and vibrant the better.
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Don’t waste antioxidants – eat raw more often

More raw food in your diet is great for healthy agingBecause they allow our bodies to function in the way they were designed to in caveman days – raw foods are one of the keys to a great anti aging diet.

In recent years there’s been increasing interest on the benefits of raw food and its effect on some of the worst modern disease like cardiovascular disease and cancer.

You may have caught some of the flurry around the so called paleo or caveman diet or maybe you’ve seen articles on raw foodist blogs claiming that we should all switch to eating most of our food raw.
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Why ketchup should be part of your anti aging diet

Processed tomatoes are better for an anti aging dietWhether you eat them raw, as ketchup, paste or a sauce on your pizza, the health and anti aging benefits of tomatoes simply cannot be denied.

Tomatoes are one of nature’s superfoods.

The reasons why tomatoes should be part of your anti aging diet can be summed up in one word – lycopene.

Tomatoes contain more lycopene – one of the most powerful antioxidants known – than any other food.
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