Wake up your hair follicles

woman looking at hair on brushGood news recently for both sexes suffering from androgenic alopecia or hair loss due to hormonal activity.

Male pattern baldness is extremely common and millions of women in the US and worldwide suffer similar problems with hair getting thinner all over the head.

Not surprisingly – most people dislike the changes in their appearance – offered a lotion or shampoo that would restore thinning hair who would refuse? [Read more…]

Makeup tips for gray hair

gray hair make upGray hair can change the way you look in more ways than one.

If you’ve decided to go gray or you already have gray hair – you need to take a look at what you’re doing with your makeup. It’s all too easy to let your hair go gray and forget about your face.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking because your hair is natural then your face should stay as nature intended too.

The reverse is true – gray hair color means that your makeup needs more attention not less. The real trick is to make it look like it’s natural even if you spent time on it.
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Lose your gray with the right choice of hair color

coloring gray hairColoring gray hair is a bit of a potential minefield.

Hair color is one of the quickest and easiest way to make yourself look younger – but making the right choice of color is the key to a successful anti aging look.

Get it wrong and you can end up looking years older – nothing is more aging than hair color that clashes with your skin tone.

But a great hair color job can add warmth and radiance to your looks and give your confidence a turbo charged boost.

If you’re using a hair coloring kit at home the choice of color becomes even more difficult without the advice of a professional stylist. [Read more…]

Home hair color or salon luxury?

hair color homeYou may have been happy for years to pay for hair color treatments at your favorite salon but as you get older the expense mounts up.

Those grey hairs just keep on coming. You may start off in your early 40’s with a light sprinkling of gray and by the time you’re in your mid 50’s you have half a head full of gray hair. The more gray you get the more obvious it is when the roots grow out and before you know it you need another retouch.

So – do you stay with your favorite salon or is it time to start choosing the best home hair color treatment?
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How to make your hair grow faster

how-to-make-your-hair-grow-fasterFor women of all ages fast healthy hair growth is like the holy grail of hair care.

At first sight the question seems a bit superficial. But for anyone who has ever experienced hair loss or thinning hair through illness, stress or hormonal change – you know it goes much deeper than that.

You may be desperate to regrow your hair quickly for your confidence and self esteem. If you are over 40 you may be trying to grow out your gray. Or you may be reeling from the effects of a bad hair cut or color. [Read more…]

Hair problems: worse as you get older?

hair-problemsGeting older certainly affects the way our hair looks and behaves.

Whether it’s the explosion of gray, the annoying gray roots that ruin your expensive color job or the increasing number of bad hair days – there’s no denying that hair problems get worse over 40.

Taking better care of your hair is vital especially if you’re going gray – what you got away with when you were twenty just won’t work in your forties or fifties.

Looking after older hair is getting easier as anti aging products now include many devoted to restoring your crowning glory to its youthful best.
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Eat your way to healthy hair

healthy hair You might spend a fortune on the best hair care products in the world – but are you eating the right things for healthy hair?

Hair responds to what you eat in just the same way as your skin and all of your body. And many of us just aren’t getting enough of what we need to keep our hair looking its absolute best.
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Sudden hair loss – is it stress related?

sudden-hair-loss-and stressIf you are suffering from sudden hair loss – it may be that stress is the key.

It isn’t that common – the type of hair loss in women that most of us experience is gradual and results in an overall thinning of the hair.

Less common is the sudden catastrophic loss of hair as a response to severe stress. [Read more…]

Hair loss in women feels like a nightmare

Hair loss in women can be devastatingHair loss in women can feel like a nightmare. Patchy, thinning hair can make you look and feel older than you deserve and be a body blow to your self esteem.

You may have guessed that the hormone changes associated with the menopause can be a key factor – but would you have known that it’s the male hormone testosterone that’s to blame?
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Hair care products target anti aging market

Hair care matters more as you get olderHair care matters if you want to look younger and age well. We all know that – no need to tell any woman how much older she feels if her hair just isn’t right.

Most women are aware of changes to their hair as they get older – the hair care products that used to work don’t do the job anymore. We need different things from our hair care as we get older.

Yet for most women – a great hair day can be a huge confidence boost. [Read more…]