Thread lift gets thumbs down from surgeons

thread-liftA thread lift was a much sought after alternative to full facelift surgery a few years back when I first wrote this article. Things have changed a lot since then and in 2011 very few board certified plastic surgeons now recommend the procedure to their patients.

Also called a ‘featherlift’ or ‘gentlelift’ – sometimes advertised as the lunch hour facelift – it was originally widely advertised as a non invasive quick procedure. Something that was seen as less expensive and much less invasive than face lift surgery. [Read more…]

Face lift surgery – how to set realistic goals

face lift surgery manage expectationsEven the most pain shy among us at some point has probably wondered what we’d look like with a face lift.

Even those of us who feel we don’t want to go the facial surgery route. Even if you’ve got knife phobia – you can still be influenced by the impossible dream of your younger face restored in an instant.

Of course that can be just a fleeting moment when the harsh morning light does you no favors in your bathroom mirror – you go about the day’s business, forget about it and move on. [Read more…]

Does weight loss cause facial aging?

Will your face age more quickly with dieting?If you are a woman over 40 you must have heard the oft quoted saying that you have to choose between your figure or your face.

Conventional wisdom has it that you can’t have a younger looking figure and a youthful face.

Recently the cosmetic surgery industry has picked up on some research that appears to back up the popular advice. [Read more…]

Why smoking and cosmetic surgery don’t mix

Mixing cosmetic surgery and smoking is not a good idea If you are thinking about any kind of cosmetic surgery – and you’re a smoker – you may want to pause right there.

Whatever your reasons for wanting surgery – continuing to smoke will make you a less acceptable candidate in the eyes of most good plastic surgeons.

Any doctor worth their fees knows that smoking increases the risks from surgery and delays recovery and healing time. Not something you or your doctor want.
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Are you too old for cosmetic surgery?

cosmetic-surgery-age-riskAsking your doctor whether you’re too old for plastic surgery sounds like a silly question in some ways.

After all – it’s probably your age – or the changes your face goes through as you age – that’s got you thinking about cosmetic surgery in the first place.

Putting aside why you want cosmetic surgery – age could be a factor in whether your surgeon thinks you are a suitable candidate. Your age may greatly up the risk and make the outcome less successful.
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Be honest about your reasons for cosmetic surgery

cosmetic-surgery-reasonsIf you are considering cosmetic surgery one of the most important questions to ask yourself is: why?

A lot of women thinking about cosmetic surgery have a natural desire to look younger or better than they do currently. The same desire that motivates us to buy an anti aging cream or cover up our gray hair can lead us to wonder about a face lift.

But taking a decision to have elective cosmetic surgery – to cut into your healthy facial tissue – is not as simple as deciding which anti aging face cream to buy. [Read more…]

Finding a board certified plastic surgeon

board-certified-plastic-surgeonsHaving your cosmetic surgery or anti aging treatment carried out by a “board certified plastic surgeon” is a piece of advice you’ll see a lot on this site.

It seems to be a sentence I’m adding to most of my articles about facial cosmetic surgery or radical anti aging procedures.

The reasons are simple – it’s the advice given by anyone in the know about cosmetic surgery.  Go to any reputable site and you’ll see the same thing – but why does it matter and what are “board certified plastic surgeons”?
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Lifestyle Lift: don’t get scammed

lifestyle-face-lift-scamThe Lifestyle face lift has been extensively hyped as a low downtime mini face lift delivering a lifted, tightened face and neck without the pain of a full face lift.

Launched in 2001 and heavily sold on just about every network news and shopping chanel throughout the US – Lifestyle facelift was marketed as “a minor one hour procedure with major results”.

My mother always told me – if it sounds too good to be true it usually is – and on this occasion in my opinion it seems she was right. [Read more…]

Plastic surgery risks may outweigh benefits

plastic--surgeryThere’s no doubt about it – plastic surgery can deliver rapid and dramatic changes in sagging skin and wrinkled faces. But bad plastic surgery can ruin your life.

The golden rule if you’re considering face lift surgery, or any other facial cosmetic surgery – take your time and don’t rush into it. You might be clear about the benefits of plastic surgery but have you taken the time to consider the risks? [Read more…]

No more plastic surgery

jane_fondaThe argument for and against plastic surgery is hotting up as two Hollywood celebrities speak out against plastic surgery as a means of looking younger.

According to Jane Fonda she and Sally Field have made a “pact” not to go for any more plastic surgery in the quest to look younger.
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