Ubiquinol better than CoQ10 over 40

ubiquinol-supplementA while back now I wrote an article about CoQ10 and its benefits for health and anti aging.

All the information in that article remains true – I have been taking CoQ10 supplements for years on the back of it.

Recently, however, I switched from CoQ10 (ubiquinone) supplements to CoQH (ubiquinol) – the bio available form of CoQ10 after reading and seeing the results of some recent research studies.

I can almost hear the groans – just as we all get our heads around what CoQ10 is – the science moves on but don’t worry this is very good news. [Read more…]

Vitamin C: vital for skin repair

vitamin-c-anti-agingThe repeated message on this site is that anti aging is just as much about what you eat and the lifestyle you lead as the products you buy.

If you want to promote skin radiance and repair you should be eating a diet high in levels of vitamin C or adding a vitamin C supplement to your daily routine.

As any skin care expert will tell you – vitamin C benefits skin – so getting the right level is essential if you’re going to age well, look younger and feel fantastic.

Vitamin C skin benefits are well known – high levels of vitamin C are vital for healthy connective tissue which make it so important in skin care. Put simply – it’s good for your skin and helps prevent and reduce wrinkles.
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Should you bother with ginseng?

research on ginseng and anti aging is incompleteGinseng is probably the most widely known Chinese medicinal herb in the world – what is less clear is the level of scientific proof about its anti aging benefits.

As an anti aging supplement ginseng is based on the dried root of one of several species of a family of herbs.

The most common type of ginseng is Asian ginseng, often called Panax, Chinese, or Korean ginseng – but most frequently refered to as Panax – or “all healing” – Ginseng. [Read more…]

Vitamin E for younger looking skin

vitamin e promotes anti aging from withinThe appearance of our skin figures prominently in our sense of personal attractiveness and overall wellness.

It is no surprise that we go to great lengths to keep our skin looking healthy and youthful.

According to the latest science, however, we are doing only half the job. We focus primarily on external skin care. Equally important, but frequently ignored, are inner health and wellness. [Read more…]

Enhance memory with ginkgo biloba

The leaf of the ginkgo biloba tree is full of antioxidantsAs one of the oldest and longest lived species the gingko biloba tree knows a thing or two about anti aging.

The leaves of the ginkgo tree contain flavonoids and turpenoids – types of antioxidants which make it one of the best natural anti aging supplements.

Ginkgo biloba extract has become a familiar sight in drugstores but just because it is widely available don’t overlook it!  There are major benefits in taking a high potency ginkgo extract for overall anti aging health and mental sharpness.  [Read more…]

Acetyl L Carnitine supplements clear mental fog

If you feel less sharp than you’d like too some mornings could be you need to boost your acetyl l carnitine levels.

Acetyl l carnitine is an amino acid – a natural nutrient produced by every cell in the body and it plays a vital role in fighting fatigue, burning fat and boosting mental performance.

There is a lot of confusion around carnitine supplements – L carnitine is commonly sold as a fat burning or body building supplement.  So what is the difference between L carnitine and acetyl l carnitine?

The simple answer is that Acetyl L Carnitine is a type of L Carnitine and taking a top grade Acetyl L Carnitine supplement will boost your mental sharpness and your energy levels.
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Do you need a calcium supplement?


Bone density matters as you get older – particularly for women. Our bones are the body’s structural frame and calcium deficiency puts you at risk of bone mineral loss, joint pain, poor mobility and diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

You may be surprised to find out that calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in your body accounting for 1.5% of your total body weight – mostly in your bones and teeth.

Not surprisingly – your body needs a daily supply of calcium to repair, build and maintain bone density and strengthen teeth.
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DMAE: rejuvenate your skin and your brain

dmae-brain-skin-rejuvenationDMAE has been the subject of quite a bit of research in recent years – and most of the studies focused on the role DMAE plays in speeding up brain function.

Even more interesting for those of us keen on looking younger as we age – DMAE has been identified as one of a very few ingredients in anti aging skin care which can lift and firm skin.
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Vitamin E – fight skin aging from within

vitamin-e-anti-aging-healthSometimes described as the master anti aging vitamin – Vitamin E is not a single vitamin – it’s a whole family of eight vitamins that are active throughout the body – each of them with unique functions.

A vitamin E supplement can help you fight skin aging from within and it’s role in reducing oxidative stress make it one of the best anti aging vitamins there is.
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CoQ10: one of the best anti aging supplements

coq10-anti-aging-supplementGo back a few years and you may not have even heard of CoQ10.

You certainly wouldn’t have been aware that once you hit 40 it should definitely be high on your list of anti aging supplements. CoQ10 is a super nutrient because of its ability to fight free radicals – one of the key causes of aging.

Research studies have fully demonstrated the range of CoQ10 benefits particularly in the area of cell damage – up to 95% less damage to cell membranes – including skin cell membrane damage – occurs after starting a course of CoQ10 supplements.
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