Real botox in gel form a step away

real botox gelCrows feet – such an ugly name.

Call them laughter lines if you want but let’s face it – it’s not going to make them look any better and many of us would love to return to the days when our face was free of them.

Botox is the most popular anti aging procedure in the world for just this reason.

No wonder so many women concerned about the signs of aging have thought about botox injections to help erase the inevitable lines around the eyes. [Read more…]

Anti aging products – how to find what you want

anti-aging-productsAnti aging products are everywhere nowadays – as the population gets older more of us are interested in finding out what’s available to help us look younger.

Many women don’t want to consider cosmetic surgery but feel they want to look as good as they can in middle age and beyond.  But where do you start?  What’s available and how do you choose what will suit you?

Leaving surgery aside – there are a huge range of  products from skin care and hair care to in office treatments for wrinkles and sagging skin. [Read more…]

Anti aging collagen drink – sip your way younger

collagen-anti-aging-drinkJapan is the leader in inventive technology in all sorts of areas and in recent years – expanding the range of anti aging products has been a big focus.

What starts in Japanese labs often becomes mainstream in Europe and America in no time at all – or at least in the time it takes to get approval from the authorities that count – like the FDA.

For some time now Japanese women concerned about skin aging have been able to buy rejuvenating food products – collagen marshmallows for instance – that aren’t available from US manufacturers.
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Dysport – a real botox alternative

dysport-botox-alternativeFollowing approval by the FDA in April supplies of a new wrinkle reducer – Dysport – have been distributed to plastic surgeons throughout the US.

Dysport is the trade name for abobotulinumtoxinA – a neuromuscular blocking agent just like botox and developed from the same base  – botulinum toxin.  Both botox and Dysport work in the same way to relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles.
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Anti aging crystal ball


Helping us look younger for longer is becoming a major focus for the cosmetics industry.

With new anti aging products coming at us from all directions – seems like a great time to get out our anti aging crystal ball and peer into it.

Just what exciting, weird, wacky and wonderful anti aging products and skin firming treatments are scientists cooking up for us?
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Looking younger in your twenties

look younger before you age

Anti aging is still dominated by baby boomers trying to stop the clock ticking.

But in recent years a growing number of very young women with barely a wrinkle to show are booking themselves in for the same anti aging treatments as their mothers.  So just why are women so keen to look younger even before they start to age?
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Featured on Oprah – but does it really work?

oprahIf you want to sell anti aging products then the holy grail of marketing is Oprah.

The most amazing aspect of the Oprah phenomenon is the amount of power and influence she wields over the average consumer. For many sellers of anti aging products it’s like striking gold.
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Smell younger for summer

smell-younger-citrusForget looking younger – how about smelling younger?

When you’re thinking about a new summer fragrance – you may like to consider a fresh, zesty, citrus blend. According to research citrus fragrances can make you appear years younger than you really are.
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Anti aging breakthrough: sirtuins

The science of anti aging has a new star – sirtuins. An important study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has put the research spotlight on a family of enzymes called ‘sirtuins’.

You may be wondering why that matters to you. Well if you’re interested in how to look younger and age gracefully – sirtuins may matter more than you know.
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