Do anti aging hand creams work?

woman using anti aging hand creamIf you are anything like me – your hands take a lot of rough treatment and they end up showing it.

All the chores you do around the house without even thinking about it mean your hands are probably in and out of water all the time.

And that’s without the gardening – if you have an outside plot – what a toll that takes on hands and nails!

Of course – you can protect your hands from the worst – by wearing gloves. Washing up, disposable or gardening gloves – we know we’re supposed to wear them but how many times do you throw them off to get to grips with a task? Or they get damaged and let in the moisture and the grime. [Read more…]

Five top retinol products for 2012

woman looking in mirror applying retinol creamRetinol products are not all created equal. Like any anti aging product your choice of retinol cream can mean the difference between a waste of money and younger looking skin.

Vitamin A derivatives – or precursors as retinol technically is – have long been one of the few proven ingredients for skin rejuvenation – and that remains true in 2012. Of course that doesn’t mean that all retinoid creams get rid of wrinkles.

You need a high level of retinol and a good delivery system so it stays effective in the bottle and penetrates deep into your skin when you use it.

So – if you’re looking for a retinol cream that really delivers results – here’s some of the best currently available:
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Anti aging moisturizers: top picks

A good anti aging moisturizer is a beauty essential that every woman needs.

As your skin ages you need to provide daily hydration and protection from harmful free radicals. Starting to protect your skin in your twenties is ideal but by 40 a regular anti aging skin care program is essential if you want younger looking skin in your 50’s and beyond.

And if you think all moisturizers are more or less the same – think again. That may have been true in the past but things have changed.
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Face serums: anti aging boosters

reviews-best-serumsFor younger looking and more radiant skin an anti aging serum has to be part of your beauty routine. Face serums are among some of the hottest of  hot products from anti aging skin care manufacturers.

They come as pumps or vials of potent but lightweight active ingredients like Vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids and peptides – all designed to increase cell turnover and boost skin tone.

But beyond the hype in the beauty mags – do facial serums actually work?
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Best hydrating cream

hydrating cream in woman's handsFor any woman over 40 skin hydration matters. Even if you don’t do anything else to look after your skin – applying a long lasting hydrating cream will improve your wrinkles.

If the first rule of all is “do no harm” – the second must be to keep skin topped up with the moisture it needs to stay plumped and glowing. Drier skin wrinkles more quickly and will look older than it should unless you keep it hydrated.

So if you are finding your skin drier than it used to be – here’s my recommendations from some of the best hydrating creams around.
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Review of Afirm 3x budget retinol

review-of-afirm3xIt’s not that often you find a retinol cream for under $50. To find a retinol product at that price that many people say actually works is even less likely.

Afirm made by TX Systems is not a new brand – in fact it was probably one of the first and still one of the few to specialize in retinol formulations.

Afirm 3X is one of three creams carrying retinol in different strengths.  The idea is you select which strength you want based on how sensitive your skin is and whether you’ve used a retinol cream before.

Nothing different there you may say – there are several skin care lines that do the same but TX Systems was something of a pioneer when they started doing this back in the day.

It was a practice developed from dermatologists offices where patients were started with lower levels of the vitamin A derivatives in skin care to avoid sensitivity reactions. Now in 2012 – many good skin care brands offer starter level retinol products.
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Best botox alternative creams: top five

review-of-best-botox-creamsBotox alternative products have become big news in anti aging skin care.

A so called botox cream has broad appeal – selling both to needle-phobes like myself who want what the world famous toxin offers but without the needle AND to botox junkies eager to prolong the effects of their latest fix.

Whichever category you fall into you can be sure that the trend for botox creams is set to get bigger as skin care technology gets better and the downsides of botox injections become clearer.
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Value retinol: Green Cream review

best-value-retinolIf you are looking for high strength retinol skin care that doesn’t cost a fortune and delivers results then Green Cream is a great option.

Wherever you look online – Green Cream reviews show just what a loyal following it has.

It was developed by a leading New Orleans skin doctor – Nia Terezakis – who got great results using Vitamin A cream to treat her patients for a range of issues including the wrinkling and uneven skin tone that often goes with skin aging.
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Powder sunscreen: better than cream?

powder-sunscreen-bestYou may be about to stock up on sunscreen as the summer kicks in – but before you reach for your usual product on the supermarket shelves – is it worth a rethink?

One of the things that bugs many of us about sunscreen is the sticky or greasy after feel – especially on your face. It rubs off on clothes, attracts sand like a magnet and undermines any makeup you wear.

If you want to protect your skin from sun damage but don’t like the greasy feel of a traditional sun cream  – a  mineral sunscreen could be the answer.
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How to find an eye cream that works

guide-anti-aging-eye-creamChoosing the best eye cream is no simple matter.

Active ingredients in skin care have become more complex and varied. Reading labels on anti wrinkle eye creams can be confusing and many of us end up spending a lot of money trying out products that just don’t work.

Searching for an eye care cream on the cosmetic counter presents you with a bewildering array of products most of which offer solutions to some specific problems – wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles.
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