Summer hair care tips for older hair

Hair needs extra care in the summer months

Hair care comes into its own during summer – especially for those of us with older hair.

UV rays, salt spray, chlorine – all play havoc with hair that’s seen more summers than we care to admit to.

If you add in the damage done  by blow drying, styling irons and color treatments its no wonder that for many of us over a certain age – summer can mean endless bad hair days.

However well your hair is cut and styled – if it’s out of condition it will pile on the years.  The intense clear light of a summer day can be very cruel. Careful anti aging hair care is vital in the summer months.

For great looking older hair in the summer you need to do more than just wash and go – so here’s some great anti aging hair care tips to keep your hair looking its best during the summer months at any age:

Try a hair mask

Use a hair mask  at least once a week to restore glossy shine and superb condition.  A hair mask is just like a face mask – a deep conditioning treatment for hair that you leave on longer than your normal conditioner. Depending on how out of condition your hair is – you can use hair masks once or twice a week for great results.

Look out for great products from experts like Rene Furterer or Frederic Fekkai.  Here’s two to get you started: Rene Furterer Protective Radian Mask or Frederic Fekkai Treatment Mask.

Deep condition overnight

Try an overnight repair mask or wrap – just like a spa treat for your hair.  An overnight hair mask is a superb way to deal with damaged hair.  Apply the mask to damp or dry hair then wrap.  You can use  plastic wrap or a shower cap.  It’s a little messy and not very attractive but your hair will feel the benefit in the morning.

Two favorite products to try – either FF Ageless Overnight Hair Repair or Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque.  Don’t be put off by the price – these are wonderful products which deliver results far beyond a simple conditioning treatment and remember you won’t be using them everyday.  Once a week or less is enough until you get your hair back in shape.

Shade your hair from the sun

Wear a hat or headscarf when you’re out and about in the sun – UV rays damage your hair and destroy your expensive salon color.  The trick is to find a hat you like that is comfortable to wear and take it everywhere.

Give your hair a holiday

That means shampooing  less often to avoid stripping your hair of it’s natural oil.  Or try a more gentle shampoo formulation like the Dermologica range or similar.   Finish with a cool or cold water rinse to seal the hair cuticle and give yourself a natural shine.

For a special finishing treat to intensify gloss and shine go retro and use a vinegar rinse.  You can make your own by diluting a teaspoon of vinegar into a pint of cold water and using the solution as a final rinse.

Go natural

Avoid the use of chemicals on your hair as much as you can.  It’s surprising how much we all use – bleach, hair color, relaxers, chemical straigteners.  All of these hair treatments weaken already fragile summer hair.  Avoid hair care products with parabens or alcohol which will dry your hair and go for natural hair care products.

Take the heat off your hair

If you use hot styling tools like hair dryers, hot irons or rollers – give your hair a break.   Towel dry or air dry whenever you can.  If you have to blow dry – use a special conditioner to protect your hair against the heat.  Strange as it may seem you should use the hair drier on a high heat setting.   Using lower heat means you have to dry your hair for longer and causes more damage.

Condition when you wash

Even if you don’t normally use one  find a conditioner for your hair type and apply it after you wash your hair then rinse clean.

For extra shine and softness go for a leave in conditioner as well.  You only need a tiny drop – apply to towel dry clean hair using the palms of your hands and work through to the ends.   Kinerase do several wonderful leave in conditioners – I love the Morrocan oil version (see above) – leaves hair silky soft and smells divine.

Apply hair sunscreen

Don’t forget hair can get sunburned just like your skin.  If you’re at the beach or pool apply a leave in hair sunscreen.  Sunscreen for hair often comes in the form of a spray or light gel which you apply after you finish styling your hair.  Try Rene Furterer Protective Summer Oil which is great for the beach or poolside – although its an oil you get great protection from one application which will leave you with a barely there finish.

Get your hair cut more often

You need a cut at least every 4-6 weeks to avoid damage to the ends of your hair and keep it in tip top condition.  You can get away with longer between trims in winter but summer hair needs cutting – just like your lawn!

Feed your hair from within

That means drinking plenty of water to keep roots and scalp flushed with fluids.  Avoid alcohol as it dehydrates – give up smoking for the same reason and take in extra vitamin C and antioxidants in your food – fresh green and colored veggies and fruit are the best source.

So – for the best summer looks ever for older hair – start your summer hair care regimen now for hair that looks younger, silky soft and glossy – whatever the sun, sand and salt try do to it!

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