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Why the best smoothies are green

freshly made bright green smoothies Green is my favourite smoothie color.

Odd really – if you had asked me to taste a green drink a few years ago I would probably have said “Yuk no thanks” – or something similar.

I was reminded of this strange attitude recently sitting with a colleague and tucking into a bottle of green juice with my lunch. Breaking the golden rule – never speak ill of someone else’s food choices – he said he could never bring himself to drink anything green and didn’t know how I could. [Read more…]

Comfortably numb with botox?

woman's face behind mask Is it just me or are there more negative issues than ever before emerging around botox?

Hardly surprising really – after a decade of FDA approved cosmetic use it has become the world’s favourite anti aging treatment bar none – so who wouldn’t expect a bit of negative feedback to surface?

Some of it though is a little worrying and certainly needs to be taken into account if you are not sure whether to go the botox route. [Read more…]

How liposuction fat comes back

liposuction instruments on operating tableFor many people with stubborn areas of fat where they least want it – liposuction may seem to offer the perfect answer. You simply target the problem area and melt the fat away – job done.

Or that’s how it appeared until recent research uncovered a problem with this approach. The fat comes back and more of it is likely to be the ‘bad’ sort. [Read more…]

Why we age: top five theories in simple terms

aging theories graphic Aging is not a simple business.

After all – if it were that simple – humankind would have already worked things out and average life expectancy would be around 200 years and rising.

Understanding why we age is a question that keeps some of the best scientific brains in the world fully occupied – and there is still no definitive answer. [Read more…]

Anti aging ingredients: what really works?

mature woman thinking about anti aging ingredientsAnti aging skin care is in a state of constant development. With huge profits being ploughed into more and more research, cosmetic companies and dermatologists are continually taking the quest for the ultimate anti aging ingredient up to the next level.

So how do you pick your way through the science if you’re not a scientist?

What should you be looking for in a cream to avoid wasting your money on ingredients that simply don’t do what they claim? [Read more…]