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How to work out the cost of botox

cost-of-botoxAt first glance the cost of botox appears quite easy to work out – there are so many places to find botox injections nowadays. Surely you just take a look around and go for the cheapest all in quoted price?

It may seem like the range of options has brought the cost of botox injections tumbling down – you can go to a nurse, a walk-in clinic, a botox party – the choice is yours.
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Botox guide for first time users

botox-factsYou probably won’t be surprised to know that botox injections are the most common anti aging treatment in the western world.

If you are considering a botox injection for the first time – you may think it’s as simple as going to a botox party or booking yourself into a spa.  Botox is everywhere and we tend to treat it as a normal part of life nowadays.

Injecting neurotoxins into your face may be fairly common – but it certainly isn’t normal and it is potentially deadly.  The sensible approach is to tread carefully and put your safety and health first – as you should with any anti aging procedure. [Read more…]

Thermage face lift: worth the cost?

thermage-face-liftA Thermage face lift is sold as a low cost alternative to facial surgery – all the skin tightening effects of a face lift without the pain or the hit on your bank balance.

This apparently miraculous skin tightening treatment first came to everyone’s attention – as with so many other things – following a glowing review on Oprah a few years back.

Thousands of eager viewers rushed to get the procedure and many of them bitterly regretted their decision when the Thermage treatment resulted in painful and sometimes lasting side effects. Now in 2011 – the technology has improved and experience of Thermage treatments has grown. So – are the problems still there and is it worth the cost?
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IPL risks: still there in 2011

ipl-risksThis IPL disaster story was big news in the UK a few years ago when I first wrote this article.   Now in 2011 you might think this is ancient history but IPL risks are still there and this story remains a rather sobering warning.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light has become so familiar as a form of laser treatment for skin rejuvenation and improvement.  The danger is – the more familiar something is the less care we take in using it.  So – it seems to me there are still lessons for us all in the story of Charlotte Cripps. [Read more…]

Tone face muscles for natural lift

facial-musclesEven if you’re not a gym bunny you probably know how important exercise is to keep your figure toned and your contours lifted.  But did you know the same is true of your face?

Few of us have any understanding of our facial muscles, how they work and what part they play in the aging process.

Most anti aging remedies focus on special treatments to stimulate collagen and tighten skin or remove sagging skin through facial cosmetic surgery. [Read more…]

Free face exercises by the experts

free face exercisesWhen I first offered free facial exercises on this website a few years back there were very few to choose from and it took a lot of searching to find the best.  Now in 2011 – there are lots of sites offering face exercises for free.  So it seems like you could be stuck for choice.

But like everything in life – all is not what it seems.

Many sites seem to have rather hastily cobbled together lists of exercises which contain very little detail or instructions that are impossible to follow.  Some of the exercises suggested appear to be made up for the article and could actually cause the wrinkles they are supposed to be removing. [Read more…]

How to avoid wrinkles

how-to-avoid-wrinklesYou may think that face wrinkles just happen – you can’t avoid them when you reach a certain age. But there are things we can all do to stop wrinkles from happening in the first place and they don’t involve needles or expensive skin care.

You may already be doing everything you can to prevent skin wrinkles – eating right, protecting your skin from the sun, not smoking, drinking lots of water.

One thing you may not have thought about is getting wrinkle free skin by training yourself to avoid certain facial expressions and body positions. [Read more…]

Thread lift gets thumbs down from surgeons

thread-liftA thread lift was a much sought after alternative to full facelift surgery a few years back when I first wrote this article. Things have changed a lot since then and in 2011 very few board certified plastic surgeons now recommend the procedure to their patients.

Also called a ‘featherlift’ or ‘gentlelift’ – sometimes advertised as the lunch hour facelift – it was originally widely advertised as a non invasive quick procedure. Something that was seen as less expensive and much less invasive than face lift surgery. [Read more…]

Dermabrasion: radical skin resurfacing treatment

dermabrasionDermabrasion as a skin resurfacing treatment has been around for a long time as a treatment for serious medical skin problems and scarring.

Not to be confused with microdermabrasion which is a much more gentle exfoliation – dermabrasion is a radical abrading skin treatment as the name implies.

Layers of skin are abraded (removed) by a scraping tool which takes off the top level and sometimes as deep as the middle dermal layer allowing blemished skin to regenerate and repair. [Read more…]

Chemical peels: new skin for old?

chemical-peelsChemical peels seem to offer an appealing vision – a way of reversing the damage you and the environment may have inflicted on your once dewy complexion.

Great to think that beneath the pucker lines and sun damage our baby soft skin is waiting to make a comeback.  All we have to do is get rid of the old stuff on top.

Of course we are not so stupid – but behind the attraction of a facial peel isn’t there something of this fantasy? [Read more…]