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Injectable youth – dermal fillers

guide-to-dermal-fillersWrinkle removal and facial contouring with a dermal filler has become the must have alternative to a face lift for many women.

Many facial plastic surgeons now offer a “liquid facelift” based entirely on injectables avoiding the need for the downtime and pain of surgery.

Things have moved on quite a bit since I originally wrote this article a few years back so I’ve done a complete update combining several other articles into a useful guide to dermal fillers reflecting main trends in the market for 2012. [Read more…]

A syringe full of active botox or saline solution?

botox-saline-solutionDid you know that every physician, spa or office offering botox injections buys their botox in the same form and at the same price from the only manufacturer – Allergan?

There are no deals done for bulk supply – no special discounts for important customers. Everyone buys at the same price.

So how come there is such a range in the price of botox injections?

Easy you say – competition. Some suppliers just offer better botox deals to the customer to attract business. So we get top quality at lower prices – which benefits everyone – right? [Read more…]