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Glycation: how sugar causes wrinkles

glycationSaying no to a doughnut with your morning coffee may do just as much for your wrinkles as your figure!

Glycation or sugar damage is right up there with smoking, sun exposure and alcohol consumption as a major factor in accelerated skin aging.

Of course we all need glucose as an energy source – it’s a vital fuel for our bodies. The problem is the amount of added sugar we eat and the damage it can do. [Read more…]

Glycemic Index: Why it matters

glycemic-indexGlycemic Index is a highly searched term on google nowadays so – chances are – you’ve already heard something about it. Go back five or ten years and most people wouldn’t have a clue what GI foods were or why they mattered.

Nowadays we are better informed and many of us are concerned about weight gain and controlling blood sugars as we get older.

We know that high blood sugar levels and blood sugar spikes are bad and that we should aim for normal even levels throughout the day.
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Age spots treatment: what works best?

age-spots-treatmentIf you have started to notice small dark spots on your face and hands your thoughts may be turning to age spots treatment.

Brown spots can appear any time from your thirties on.  Some women don’t get them until well into their fifties or sixties and if you’re lucky you may even escape them altogether.

No matter when you first notice them – most of us hate to see them on our faces – and age spots on hands can be just as bad if not worse.  The good thing is you don’t need to suffer in silence.
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Vitamin C: vital for skin repair

vitamin-c-anti-agingThe repeated message on this site is that anti aging is just as much about what you eat and the lifestyle you lead as the products you buy.

If you want to promote skin radiance and repair you should be eating a diet high in levels of vitamin C or adding a vitamin C supplement to your daily routine.

As any skin care expert will tell you – vitamin C benefits skin – so getting the right level is essential if you’re going to age well, look younger and feel fantastic.

Vitamin C skin benefits are well known – high levels of vitamin C are vital for healthy connective tissue which make it so important in skin care. Put simply – it’s good for your skin and helps prevent and reduce wrinkles.
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Treating spider veins with sclerotherapy

sclerotherapySclerotherapy as a means of vein treatment has been around for a while – both for spider veins and smaller varicose veins.

If you have a phobia about needles be prepared – sclerotherapy involves the injection of a liquid agent into the spider vein using a microscopic needle.

The liquid agent is usually something like saline solution or an anesthetic or surfactant like sodium tetradecyl.

Many vein clinics nowadays also offer foam sclerotherapy where the agent is mixed with foam producing better overall results with less brown staining.
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Varicose vein treatment: the best options

varicose-vein-treatmentRecommendations for your varicose vein treatment will vary depending on how bad they are.

For milder cases – as for spider veins – your vein specialist will probably start with some suggestions for lifestyle changes and practical ways to ease discomfort and stop them getting any worse.

You may be advised to lose weight, exercise more, put your feet up as much as possible, avoid long periods of standing or sitting and wear special compression stockings to support your legs.
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Does your doctor use a VeinViewer?

vein-treatmentIf you are thinking about an in office treatment for your spider veins or varicose veins then you might want to find a clinic with a VeinViewer.

Developed by Luminetx Corporation of Memphis, the VeinViewer was launched commercially in 2006 and has been widely used in hospitals and doctor’s offices with great success ever since.

The VeinViewer is appreciated equally by medical personnel and by patients since it makes the whole process of accessing veins during vein treatments like sclerotherapy easier and much less painful.
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Rosacea treatment: why IPL is best

ipl-treatment-rosaceaRosacea treatment made great advances in the mid 1980’s when lasers were first used for the most severe cases.

Technology has moved on since those early days and newer treatments using light therapy have been developed which overcome the side effects of the early lasers.

Nowadays Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is considered to be the best treatment for rosacea.
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