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Makeup tips for gray hair

gray hair make upGray hair can change the way you look in more ways than one.

If you’ve decided to go gray or you already have gray hair – you need to take a look at what you’re doing with your makeup. It’s all too easy to let your hair go gray and forget about your face.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking because your hair is natural then your face should stay as nature intended too.

The reverse is true – gray hair color means that your makeup needs more attention not less. The real trick is to make it look like it’s natural even if you spent time on it.
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Lose your gray with the right choice of hair color

coloring gray hairColoring gray hair is a bit of a potential minefield.

Hair color is one of the quickest and easiest way to make yourself look younger – but making the right choice of color is the key to a successful anti aging look.

Get it wrong and you can end up looking years older – nothing is more aging than hair color that clashes with your skin tone.

But a great hair color job can add warmth and radiance to your looks and give your confidence a turbo charged boost.

If you’re using a hair coloring kit at home the choice of color becomes even more difficult without the advice of a professional stylist. [Read more…]

Home hair color or salon luxury?

hair color homeYou may have been happy for years to pay for hair color treatments at your favorite salon but as you get older the expense mounts up.

Those grey hairs just keep on coming. You may start off in your early 40’s with a light sprinkling of gray and by the time you’re in your mid 50’s you have half a head full of gray hair. The more gray you get the more obvious it is when the roots grow out and before you know it you need another retouch.

So – do you stay with your favorite salon or is it time to start choosing the best home hair color treatment?
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How to get rid of spider veins

how to get rid of spider veinsUnfortunately – some of the causes of spider veins you can’t do much about. Age, gender and genes all play a big part in determining whether you are likely to get leg vein problems. But there’s more to it than that.

The good news is that there are all sorts of other things you can do to help prevent spider veins or to stop them returning once you’ve had vein removal treatment.

So here’s a great practical checklist to help keep you free of spider veins now and in the future:
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How to prevent varicose veins

how to prevent varicose veinsThere are certain risk factors for varicose veins which make it more likely that you may suffer from vein problems at some stage in your life. Unfortunately being a woman is right up there at the top of the list.

Age is another risk factor – over the age of 60 as an American woman you have a 70% chance of suffering from varicose veins and if you have been pregnant more than once and have vein problems in the family the risks are even higher.

If you are wondering how to prevent varicose veins – the answer is to focus on the things you can control rather than worrying about the things you can’t – like your genes or past pregnancies.
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What exactly is a varicose vein?

varicose-veinMore than 7 out of 10 American women will suffer from vein problems before they reach their sixties and yet many of us don’t know what exactly a varicose vein is.

There’s no doubt any kind of visible leg vein can cause misery emotionally – especially when summer comes around and we want to wear shorts, a skirt or a swimsuit.

Too many older women feel compelled to hide their legs in long pants or jeans even when the weather is sweltering and suffer agonies of embarrassment by the pool or on the beach. [Read more…]

Keep your cool: rosacea exercise tips

rosacea exerciseExercising with rosacea can be something of a challenge.

You know it’s important to keep physically active for good health and stress control but getting sweaty, hot and bothered from agressive workouts can trigger a flare up of your rosacea symptoms.

For this reason – some people with rosacea avoid aerobic exercise altogether. You really don’t need to – here’s some great tips to make sure you get the exercise you need AND keep your rosacea under control:
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Rosacea care: 10 steps to self management

rosacea-careIf you suffer from rosacea you may feel you need medical help, prescription medicines or an in-office treatment.

But many sufferers have found that symptoms improve if they manage their own rosacea care – whereas antibiotics and medical intervention can be costly and sometimes make things worse.

Since the condition doesn’t have a cure – whether you seek professional help or not self management is a good place to start.

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Is your facial redness a sign of rosacea?

rosacea symptomsAmazingly – many people who suffer rosacea symptoms don’t even know that they have the condition. Increased skin sensitivity and facial redness is more common in middle age and beyond and too many of us suffer in silence when we should be taking action.

Although there is no cure – when caught early the symptoms of rosacea can be treated much more effectively and early treatment means that long term discomfort and permanent changes to the skin are prevented.

So how do you decide whether your sensitive skin is really facial rosacea? Whilst there is no definite test – you can go a long way to diagnosis by observing whether you get some critical symptoms.
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