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Should you bother with ginseng?

research on ginseng and anti aging is incompleteGinseng is probably the most widely known Chinese medicinal herb in the world – what is less clear is the level of scientific proof about its anti aging benefits.

As an anti aging supplement ginseng is based on the dried root of one of several species of a family of herbs.

The most common type of ginseng is Asian ginseng, often called Panax, Chinese, or Korean ginseng – but most frequently refered to as Panax – or “all healing” – Ginseng. [Read more…]

Vitamin E for younger looking skin

vitamin e promotes anti aging from withinThe appearance of our skin figures prominently in our sense of personal attractiveness and overall wellness.

It is no surprise that we go to great lengths to keep our skin looking healthy and youthful.

According to the latest science, however, we are doing only half the job. We focus primarily on external skin care. Equally important, but frequently ignored, are inner health and wellness. [Read more…]