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Top ten tips to quit smoking for good

Get practical help to quit smoking for goodQuitting smoking is one of the most important steps you can take for long term healthy aging and for your looks.

Of the 50 million smokers in the US – one in two will die early from a smoking related condition – many of these in middle age.

Your health isn’t the only thing at risk either.  Smoking and aging are connected.   If you care about how you look and want to look younger for longer – smoking cigarettes is the last thing you should be doing.  [Read more…]

Weight loss tips – best ever list

Weight loss over forty tipsHealthy weight loss over forty can seem like an uphill battle and the older you get the more difficult it can seem.

As middle age hits sometimes it seems impossible to lose the flab. The decline in metabolic rate means those pounds stay put, and it takes a lot of work to get them off even though you know very well that being over weight and over forty is not a good combination.

The secret to healthy weight loss at any age is really no secret at all, just a simple mathematical fact. [Read more…]