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Pack your diet with color for anti aging health

Packed with antioxidants for anti aging healthFor energy, fitness and all round anti aging health you need color in your diet.

They don’t just look good on the plate – colorful foods do you good as well. Colorful food is good for you because each different color in the food relates to a different phytonutrient. Phytonutrients are simply nutrients derived from plants and different phytonutrients have different health and anti aging benefits.

A high level of antioxidants is the key to great anti aging nutrition. The best way to put together an antioxidant rich diet is to think primary colors when you shop for your fruit and vegetables. The more colorful and vibrant the better.
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Burn more calories with a pedometer

A pedometer helps keep you moving and burning caloriesIt may or may not have been invented by Thomas Jefferson as some claim but a pedometer is a great aid for healthy aging.

Carrying excess weight and not exercising enough is bad for your long term health and looks.  More and more studies show us how important weight is to a long and healthy life.

Keeping your BMI within a healthy range is a simple matter of taking in less calories than you use up during the day.
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Have you inherited your response to stress?

You may be more likely to react badly to stress if your parents didDo stressed out parents produce stressed out kids? According to psychiatrists there is a link. Parental stress places the child at a great risk of becoming stressed as well.

Besides the genetic risk of becoming stressed, children of stressed parents also learn the tendency to get stressed out in reaction to life’s challenges and this is copied directly from our parents.

Since stress accelerates the aging process – inheriting a stress gene could be bad news for your anti aging health.
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Do you need a calcium supplement?


Bone density matters as you get older – particularly for women. Our bones are the body’s structural frame and calcium deficiency puts you at risk of bone mineral loss, joint pain, poor mobility and diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

You may be surprised to find out that calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in your body accounting for 1.5% of your total body weight – mostly in your bones and teeth.

Not surprisingly – your body needs a daily supply of calcium to repair, build and maintain bone density and strengthen teeth.
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Four core exercises to try for free

Strengthening core muscles is vital as you get olderIf you haven’t tried a core exercise program yet – here’s a few free exercises you can have a go at without calling in a personal trainer.

One of the best things about exercising your core muscles is that you can do it for free in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a fitness ball and somewhere soft like a carpeted floor or a mat and you’re ready to go.

Core exercise can be one of the easiest forms of anti aging exercise to fit into your schedule – however busy you are. Even better – core exercises help strengthen your core and firm those stubborn areas of abdominal flab which settle as we get older.
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Why laughter is a great anti aging medicine

Laughter can be a great anti aging strategyStress has been shown to accelerate aging and disease – anything you can do to reduce stress has to be good.  So how about laughing more?

Recent research has shown that laughter really does help us in managing stress.  Adopting a humorous view of life’s difficulties can take the edge off everyday stressful situations.

Laughter prevents stress building up and stops the release of damaging stress hormones into the body.
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Ten ideas for a home gym on a budget

home-exercise-equipmentThe cost of gym membership can seem like a luxury in these cash strapped times – especially if you don’t go as often as you should. But getting enough exercise – weight bearing and cardio – is important for anti aging health.

Even the most committed gym bunny may want to top up at home between visits. Setting up a home exercise area can be a great way to stay fit without spending a fortune.

The key thing is not to try and reproduce what the best gyms offer. That’s really what a gym membership buys – use of expensive exercise equipment without the outlay.

But do you really need the high cost hardware to keep fit?
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Anti aging collagen drink – sip your way younger

collagen-anti-aging-drinkJapan is the leader in inventive technology in all sorts of areas and in recent years – expanding the range of anti aging products has been a big focus.

What starts in Japanese labs often becomes mainstream in Europe and America in no time at all – or at least in the time it takes to get approval from the authorities that count – like the FDA.

For some time now Japanese women concerned about skin aging have been able to buy rejuvenating food products – collagen marshmallows for instance – that aren’t available from US manufacturers.
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Hangovers or how to manage your alcohol intake

alcohol-hangoverWith holiday festivities fast approaching you may soon find yourself groaning and saying “never again” as that morning after feeling kicks in.

No one can claim that drinking alcohol is good for your health – especially as you get older. But there is a good and a bad way to drink alcohol.
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Don’t waste antioxidants – eat raw more often

More raw food in your diet is great for healthy agingBecause they allow our bodies to function in the way they were designed to in caveman days – raw foods are one of the keys to a great anti aging diet.

In recent years there’s been increasing interest on the benefits of raw food and its effect on some of the worst modern disease like cardiovascular disease and cancer.

You may have caught some of the flurry around the so called paleo or caveman diet or maybe you’ve seen articles on raw foodist blogs claiming that we should all switch to eating most of our food raw.
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