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DMAE: rejuvenate your skin and your brain

dmae-brain-skin-rejuvenationDMAE has been the subject of quite a bit of research in recent years – and most of the studies focused on the role DMAE plays in speeding up brain function.

Even more interesting for those of us keen on looking younger as we age – DMAE has been identified as one of a very few ingredients in anti aging skin care which can lift and firm skin.
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Vitamin E – fight skin aging from within

vitamin-e-anti-aging-healthSometimes described as the master anti aging vitamin – Vitamin E is not a single vitamin – it’s a whole family of eight vitamins that are active throughout the body – each of them with unique functions.

A vitamin E supplement can help you fight skin aging from within and it’s role in reducing oxidative stress make it one of the best anti aging vitamins there is.
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Cardio exercise the fun way – dance fitness

If cardio workouts in the gym are getting to be a chore why not have a go at dance fitness? Combining cardio exercise with the fun of dance is a great way to keep fit over 40.

As we all know heart pumping aerobic exercise is an essential part of any anti aging health strategy. But – for many of us – “workout boredom” can get in the way.
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Swim your way to core strength

swimming improves core strength as we get olderMany of us now know the importance of core strength exercise as you get older to firm up abdominal flab, build flexibility and prevent back problems.

You may have looked for the best free core exercises on the web without realizing that the solution may lie in a familiar activity that you haven’t even considered as core exercise – swimming.

Swimming offers you something like a positive double whammy. For starters it’s an extremely good form of aerobic exercise – flooding your brain with oxygen and raising your pulse rate.
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Aging is not the cause of high blood pressure

high-blood-pressure-healthy-agingDid you know that as a woman once you get into your mid 50’s you are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure than a man?

As a woman – though the risk of high blood pressure increases with age – getting older does not in itself cause high blood pressure – the root causes lie elsewhere.

High blood pressure is a serious condition because of its effects – it will likely ruin your chances of healthy aging. The worrying thing is that though you may have high blood pressure – the chances are you don’t even know it.
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How to cope with stress – eight practical tips

coping-stressLearning how to cope with stress is important for healthy aging.

The effects of stress impact on your looks and health so you need a few tricks up your sleeve to help you cope when it matters.

Here’s eight practical tips – coping strategies in the jargon – that will help you manage stress better when life throws the bad stuff your way.
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Walk your way to a better butt

walking-exercise-buttGreat legs and a toned butt are a real confidence booster and a svelte lower half makes you look instantly younger.

Great anti aging health means keeping your muscles toned and body fat under control. But that’s not just about exercising more it’s also about exercising smarter.

Cardiovascular exercise helps burn off calories but the trick is to pick the right cardio exercise if you want a younger looking butt and a great swimsuit shape.
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Improve your core strength for healthy aging

core-strength-healthy-agingYou really need to focus on core strength as you get older.

Although loss of core muscle tissue starts as early as in our 30s and 40s, it’s later in life that we really start to notice how much those changes affect us.

As core muscle fibers shrink and become less flexible, our backs are no longer as strong as they once were and our stomachs start to look flabby.
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How stress accelerates aging

stress-accelerates-agingManaging stress is one of the most important things you can do for your health as you get older

The causes of stress are things that our subconscious minds perceive as threats. Whether real or imagined our brain reacts in the same way to any ‘threat’ – by pumping stress hormones into our bloodstream.

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Burn fat over 40 the healthy way

burn-fat-over-40At some point we just have to accept it – metabolism gradually slows down as we age and our bodies burn less fat.

Why this happens is largely due to loss of muscle tissue but age, gender and hormonal changes also play vital roles.

Metabolism is the name for the numerous chemical processes that are continuously happening within our bodies. It’s these chemicals that allow us to stay alive and function normally as well as regulating our weight.
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