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Featured on Oprah – but does it really work?

oprahIf you want to sell anti aging products then the holy grail of marketing is Oprah.

The most amazing aspect of the Oprah phenomenon is the amount of power and influence she wields over the average consumer. For many sellers of anti aging products it’s like striking gold.
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Smell younger for summer

smell-younger-citrusForget looking younger – how about smelling younger?

When you’re thinking about a new summer fragrance – you may like to consider a fresh, zesty, citrus blend. According to research citrus fragrances can make you appear years younger than you really are.
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Best ever top ten anti aging tips

Top Ten Anti Aging TipsAnti aging doesn’t have to mean turning to facial cosmetic surgery or harsh skin rejuvenation treatments. Increasingly there’s a trend to focus on anti aging beauty from within – natural anti aging tips are what most women want.

Listen to anyone you admire for looking younger or aging well and they will tell you that it’s as much about their lifestyle choices as about magic anti aging products.

So – if you really want to look younger and age gracefully – here’s my all time best top ten anti aging tips:
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How to choose the best anti aging clinic

anti aging clinic

If you want the best result from your anti aging treatments – you need to find a reliable plastic surgeon or dermatologist and a good clinic.

Whether you are thinking of facial cosmetic surgery, cellulite treatments, a chemical peel, skin resurfacing, restylane or the latest contour thread lift – you could be living with the results of your anti aging treatment for quite a while – so choose carefully.
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