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Mirren stunning in LaCroix dress at Oscars

helen mirren-la-croix

Helen Mirren looked stunning in a LaCroix creation as she stepped up to accept the award for Lead Actress at the 79th Academy Awards Ceremony for her starring role in “The Queen”.

After her success at the Venice Film Festival earlier in the same year, the the Oscar result wasn’t in much doubt.  Nor was it any surprise that she scooped the unofficial awards for grace and elegance too. [Read more…]

No more plastic surgery

jane_fondaThe argument for and against plastic surgery is hotting up as two Hollywood celebrities speak out against plastic surgery as a means of looking younger.

According to Jane Fonda she and Sally Field have made a “pact” not to go for any more plastic surgery in the quest to look younger.
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PermaLip permanent implants

PermaLip-lip-implantsPermaLip – the first ever permanent silicone lip implant was introduced into the UK  by a London based plastic surgeon in early 2007.

PermaLip is a silicone based lip implant which is soft and malleable and produces – so plastic surgeons would have us believe – fuller, luscious lips without the problems previously associated with permanent lip fillers.
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Ditch the silicone – grow your own breast implants

breast_augmentationBreast augmentation procedures may never be the same again.

In a technique pioneered in Japan, scientists have developed a more “natural” approach to breast enlargment using stem cells and fat from a woman’s own body.
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