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Kate Moss: middle aged in her thirties

kate_moss_smokingAccording to recent reports, celebrity supermodel Kate Moss is worried about losing her battle with the aging process – in her thirties

Kate has been spending quite a bit of time recently with her best friend celebrity Sadie Frost and she doesn’t like what she sees. Not only is Sadie nine years older but – according to Kate – she looks much younger.

As reported in Grazia magazine by a source close to the celebrity: ” Kate can’t stop remarking on how young and fresh-faced Sadie looks. She keeps saying that Sadie’s nearly a decade older than her and she looks younger…”
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Anti aging breakthrough: sirtuins

The science of anti aging has a new star – sirtuins. An important study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has put the research spotlight on a family of enzymes called ‘sirtuins’.

You may be wondering why that matters to you. Well if you’re interested in how to look younger and age gracefully – sirtuins may matter more than you know.
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Meryl Streep: naturally younger looking

meryl-streepMeryl Streep is seldom talked about in terms of her elegance, glamour or celebrity status.

Yet she certainly does look younger than her age and she can be stunningly elegant and glamorous both on screen and off.
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Andie MacDowell – an anti aging case study

andie-macdowell-plastic-surgeryFor many years the face of L’Oreal, Andie MacDowell has stayed looking younger than her true age of 53 and what’s more she is on record as saying she definitely doesn’t believe in plastic surgery.
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Anti aging beauty: act your age

anti aging beauty‘Act your age’ is probably the best anti aging beauty advice you can get.

You may wonder how that can be true.  Being told to ‘act your age’ is usually a criticism of your behavior. 

How many times in your youth were you told to act your age?  Probably as soon as you were old enough to understand what age was, you were told to grow up and act your age!
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Why celebrities smoke

celebrities-smoking-audrey-hepburnThe link between celebrities and smoking is a difficult one to figure. The celebrity world is based almost entirely on looks and image and since smoking just about ruins your looks it’s truly astounding to see so many celebrities sticking with the smoking habit.

Over twenty years ago and more – dermatologists were talking about something they started to call “smokers face” typical of many heavy smokers. Now we’re told smoking accelerates skin aging by around 10-15 years.

So why do celebrities continue to smoke when they risk so much from the aging effects of smoking on their skin?
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