Archives for September 2006

Helen Mirren reigns supreme at Venice

Helen Mirren has won best actress at the Venice Film Festival. The 61-year-old British performer played the current Queen – Elizabeth II – in ‘The Queen’ – a controversial film about the reaction of the Royals to Princess Diana’s death.
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Lauren Hutton: natural anti aging beauty

How many women have taken off their clothes for a major magazine in their sixties?

Not many. But that’s exactly what Lauren Hutton did – proving to the world that older women need not be ashamed of their bodies and that anti aging is a reality.

The motivation for agreeing to the photos was, she said, a rejection of society’s view that the older female body was something to be ashamed of .  She wanted to show mature women that they can simply be proud of their bodies as they are.
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Isabella Rossellini effortless glamour at 58

When it comes to effortless glamour Isabella Rossellini has it in bucket loads.

The boundless charm, beauty and style that has driven her film career for more than 25 years – from her first iconic appearance in ‘Blue Velvet’ – seems set to continue  forever.  She makes looking younger seem so incredibly easy. [Read more…]