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SmartLipo lunch hour fat fixer

SmartLipoSmartLipo was one of the first laser lipolysis machines to be launched on the market in early 2006 and since then the procedure has become a serious alternative to Liposuction.

Claimed to be a lunch-time procedure that uses laser technology to cut fat and cellulite without resorting to the more invasive liposuction – the  treatment sounds almost too good to be true.
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Olivia Newton John aging gracefully

olivia-newton-johnBorn in England in 1948 from where she moved to Australia as a young child, Olivia Newton John has enjoyed an incredibly busy professional life spanning more than three decades.

Winning a talent contest in 1965 that took her back to England at the age of 16 – she became the star of a British TV hit alongside Cliff Richard.  From there her careeer blossomed into film and and long-lasting celebrity status in the US.
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Susan Sarandon anti aging role model

susan-sarandon-anti-aging-beautySusan Sarandon is a wonderful anti aging role model – a woman who  doesn’t let age define or limit her and who stays looking younger seemingly without trying.

With a long career in the movie business Susan Sarandon could have succumbed to the pressures of Hollywood and gone for Botox or plastic surgery like so many others.
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