Healthy veins: ten great diet tips

healthy-veins-dietIf you get spider veins or varicose veins it is all too easy to assume you need a doctor and an in office treatment to help you find a cure.

Contrary to what you might think – many docors and nutritionists believe that making changes to your diet can make a big difference to vein health. What you eat on a daily basis can improve the appearance of both spider and varicose veins now and prevent the problem getting worse in the future. [Read more…]

Lower leg exercises for vein problems

spider-veins-leg-exercisesDoing regular leg exercises can help if you have vein problems.

If you already spent quite a bit of money treating your spider veins or varicose veins the last thing you want is for them to come back. Expensive laser vein treatment or scelerotherapy doesn’t deal with the underlying causes of vein problems and many women find they do recur.

Even if you haven’t got them yet – taking steps to prevent spider veins or varicose veins is important – especially if you think you could be at risk.
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Spider veins: the nine risk factors

spider-veinsYou may have had blemish free legs all your life and enjoyed wearing skirts, shorts or a swimsuit then all of a sudden your summer loses some of its shine.

Spider veins seem to appear suddenly for many women from mid-life onwards – so if you have hit 40 recently or you’re near to it – find out if you are at risk.

Whilst the exact causes  are difficult to pinpoint there are some common factors you ought to be aware of. [Read more…]