Three creams to firm and tone crepey necks

If you’re using your normal face cream on your neck you might need to think again.

Necks are different – they have thinner skin and less fat.  As a result – your neck is likely to age quicker than any just about anywhere else on your body and face –  apart from the under eye area.

It goes further than your neck too – the area from your chin to your bust is prone to crepey skin – and it tends to suddenly show up when you’re least expecting it. One moment you looked fine in your summer top – the next you seem to be wearing a much older person’s skin.

The temptation is to start slapping on added moisture in a bid to banish the crepe paper look. The problem is your normal face moisturizer or hydrating cream may be too heavy for the more delicate skin on your neck so you could end up making the problem even worse.   [Read more…]

Microdermabrasion creams for spa results at home

spa-results-microdermabrasion-at-homeUsing microdermabrasion creams to give yourself that spa skin glow in your own home is a great way to rejuvenate your skin.

After all if you book into a spa you are likely to pay serious money for one treatment so microdermabrasion at home seems to be a good way to get the same results on a tighter budget.

Buying a special microdermabrasion cream and applying it manually is one way to get the salon finish at home – the other is to buy a microdermabrasion kit (applicator and product recommended by the makers) which will usually be much more expensive. [Read more…]

Do you need a wrinkle filler?

topical-cream-fillersA topical wrinkle filler is something you may never have thought you needed until recently.  In the last few years they have emerged as a hot new anti aging product.

Cosmetic companies were quick to develop topically applied cream fillers after products like Restylane and other injectables became such a popular anti aging treatment.

Given that you may already use some sort of anti wrinkle product on your face – do you need a topical cream filler as well and is it likely to work?
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Boots magic face serum got better

Boots-face-serum-ingredientsBoots No7 best selling Protect and Perfect Serum could lay claim to being one of the best face serums in a value for money category.

Most users are happy with the product and get good results so it is something of a surprise that – not long after the original was so successful – Boots decided to launch another version with a slightly different formulation.

if you are already a user or thinking about buying the Boots serum this could be confusing – so how does the later version differ from the original Protect and Perfect?
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Anti aging creams – best buys 2012

anti-aging-face-cream-reviewsThe best anti aging creams tend to be at the luxury end of the skin care market.

Stuffed full of highly active ingredients and formulated to be ultra moisturizing, these products are not cheap. But don’t we all deserve a little luxury in our lives even in these cash tight times?
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Lift Fusion: Facelift in a bottle?

topical-injectable-LiftFusionLift Fusion Face Lift from Fusion Beauty makes very strong claims to deliver younger looking skin in minutes.

The makers of the celebrity A-listers favorite lip plumper – Fusion Beauty – have produced what they call the first ‘topical injectable’. Something of a contradiction in terms if you ask me but we get the idea.

The aim is to offer a real alternative to botox plus restylane which is the path followed by many women wanting to improve or eliminate facial wrinkles. But is there such a thing as botox in a bottle?
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Freeze 24/7: Cindarella cream?

freeze-247-cindarella-creamWe all like a good fairy story and sometimes it seems the folks in charge of skin care marketing like them more than most.

You must have caught something of the original buzz around what became one of the the hottest anti aging creams to hit the market in recent years – Freeze 24/7 Anti Wrinkle Cream

Freeze 247 products have been shown on just about every TV network and in all the beauty magazines that are worth getting into.  Naturally the publicity avalanche really started with an extensive feature on Oprah including a live demo.

But was all this just the result of an amazingly successful public relations campaign or did this stuff really work?
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Revisiting the Tracie Martyn skin care line

tracie-martyn-skin-care-updated-reviewOne of the interesting things about having a website like this is that sometimes you get to see in black and white what you thought about something years previously.

I had been reading a lot about Tracie Martyn’s skin care line in beauty magazines long before I originally researched and posted a review – and to be honest I think I was a little over influenced by the hype that surrounded the brand at the time.

Now in 2012 Martyn doesn’t seem to be quite the hot property she once was in the skin care world – although her website would have us believe that she still attracts a loyal celeb client list.

Tracie Martyn is a British esthetician living in New York when she created an innovative anti aging facial which combined natural active ingredients with electro-stimulation.
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Will a cream shift your age spots?

age-spot-creamA skin care cynic may tell you that – no matter what you pay and how hard you search – you just won’t find an age spot removal cream that works.

A decade or so ago – that pessimistic view might have been right – especially outside the US where the most effective ingredient in skin lightening products (hydroquinone) is banned.

But skin care science has moved on. Hydroquinone free creams are now available with a range of active naturally derived ingredients that really work. [Read more…]

Do spider vein creams work?

spider-vein-creamApplying a topical spider vein cream may seem like a painless and affordable way to get rid of that network of tiny veins on your legs – but will it work and what is the best spider vein cream to go for?

Overall it’s true that laser therapy is likely to be the most effective way to deal with your vein problems – but that costs money and time. 

Applying a spider vein cream may be a good choice to lessen the appearance of spider veins if you don’t want to make that investment just yet. [Read more…]