Tone face muscles for natural lift

facial-musclesEven if you’re not a gym bunny you probably know how important exercise is to keep your figure toned and your contours lifted.  But did you know the same is true of your face?

Few of us have any understanding of our facial muscles, how they work and what part they play in the aging process.

Most anti aging remedies focus on special treatments to stimulate collagen and tighten skin or remove sagging skin through facial cosmetic surgery. [Read more…]

Free face exercises by the experts

free face exercisesWhen I first offered free facial exercises on this website a few years back there were very few to choose from and it took a lot of searching to find the best.  Now in 2011 – there are lots of sites offering face exercises for free.  So it seems like you could be stuck for choice.

But like everything in life – all is not what it seems.

Many sites seem to have rather hastily cobbled together lists of exercises which contain very little detail or instructions that are impossible to follow.  Some of the exercises suggested appear to be made up for the article and could actually cause the wrinkles they are supposed to be removing. [Read more…]

How to avoid wrinkles

how-to-avoid-wrinklesYou may think that face wrinkles just happen – you can’t avoid them when you reach a certain age. But there are things we can all do to stop wrinkles from happening in the first place and they don’t involve needles or expensive skin care.

You may already be doing everything you can to prevent skin wrinkles – eating right, protecting your skin from the sun, not smoking, drinking lots of water.

One thing you may not have thought about is getting wrinkle free skin by training yourself to avoid certain facial expressions and body positions. [Read more…]

Glycation: how sugar causes wrinkles

glycationSaying no to a doughnut with your morning coffee may do just as much for your wrinkles as your figure!

Glycation or sugar damage is right up there with smoking, sun exposure and alcohol consumption as a major factor in accelerated skin aging.

Of course we all need glucose as an energy source – it’s a vital fuel for our bodies. The problem is the amount of added sugar we eat and the damage it can do. [Read more…]

How to hide dark circles like a make up pro

dark-circles-concealerYou may be working on getting rid of the circles your eyes but if you want a more immediate solution – how about a concealer?

A good under eye concealer is one of the best anti aging products you can buy and it’s an essential part of your make up kit.

Concealer is a definite must have when it comes to looking younger, brighter and fresher – whatever you feel like inside.

Under eye circles get worse with age as skin around the eyes gets thinner and the tiny blood vessels show through more.
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Beauty sleep:why you need it and how to get it

beauty-sleep-anti-aging-beautyThere’s no doubt we feel better after a good night’s sleep – but did you know that getting your beauty sleep is one of the best anti aging tips of all time.

For any woman over 40 a good night’s sleep is an anti aging must have. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing.

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Kate Moss facial aging

kate-moss-facial-agingA while back I wrote an article about Kate Moss and her worries about facial aging.  At the time it seemed ridiculous that someone in their thirties would be concerned about wrinkles and sagging skin.

Having just seen some photos of Kate taken on a recent holiday on a yacht in St Tropez – it seems she was right to be worried.  Still only in her mid thirties – she appears to have the signs of facial aging of someone at least ten year’s older.
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Looking younger without trying

helen-mirren-looking-youngerWhen it comes to looking younger than her age – Helen Mirren is a superb role model.

I was reminded how effortlessly she manages this by a surprise  present – the complete series of ‘Prime Suspect’.

Starting off in the power-dressing days of 1991 when Mirren was in her mid forties – ‘Prime Suspect’ is – among many other things – a video diary of one woman’s aging process.

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All about anti aging

anti aging beautySimply Anti Aging is a complete anti aging site – packed full of anti aging tips, treatments and techniques to help you look younger and feel fantastic – whatever your age.

Beauty and age are never just skin deep.   Take a look at anti aging from the inside out – from great anti aging supplements to the latest anti aging creams. [Read more…]

Drinking water hydrates your skin

42-15614989“Will drinking water keep my skin moist?”  This was a recent question on the website and the answer was so misleading – well just plain wrong – I feel compelled to put the record straight.

According to, the benefits of water for skin are non existent.   Drink water if you want but not for younger looking skin was the advice given.

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