Age spots treatment: what works best?

age-spots-treatmentIf you have started to notice small dark spots on your face and hands your thoughts may be turning to age spots treatment.

Brown spots can appear any time from your thirties on.  Some women don’t get them until well into their fifties or sixties and if you’re lucky you may even escape them altogether.

No matter when you first notice them – most of us hate to see them on our faces – and age spots on hands can be just as bad if not worse.  The good thing is you don’t need to suffer in silence.
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Anti aging treatments: how to choose

anti-aging-treatmentsAnti aging treatments target some of the most unwelcome changes that happen to our faces and bodies as we get older – fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, spider veins and even sagging skin.

Finding the best anti aging treatments is a personal matter depending on what you want to achieve, how much discomfort you are prepared to put up with and how much money you want to spend.
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Botox injections cause nose wrinkles

Botox causes wrinkles in new placesBotox is widely accepted nowadays as a fact of modern life.

It seems that just about every celebrity you have ever heard of and quite a few you haven’t gets botox injections as their anti aging treatment of choice.

Criticism of botox has – until now – focused on the fact that it can result in a rather dead looking face. 

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Does mesotherapy work for cellulite?

Does mesotherapy work for celluliteMesotherapy has received a lot of attention in the press recently as the latest wonder cellulite reduction strategy.

Like many women you may be increasingly concerned about cellulite as you get older – it may not be one of the most obvious anti aging treatments but those little dimples in your thighs certainly don’t help you look younger.  [Read more…]

What’s the best cellulite treatment?

reduce-celluliteIn summer a woman’s thoughts often turn to cellulite – or to be more exact – how can I get rid of my cellulite and say goodby to my lumpy, bumpy thighs?

Cellulite affects most women and certainly most women over 40. It may be airbrushed out or covered by body doubles in Hollywood – but cellulite affects the world’s rich and famous too.
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SmartLipo: is it as good as the hype?

smartLipoSmartLipo is the hottest fat reduction treatment around at the moment. Could be that we have just come through summer and the focus has been on bikinis and bare limbs but SmartLipo has been in demand.

Since last year cosmetic clinics in the UK and Europe have been flooded with eager clients. And in the US demand for SmartLipo was equally high after FDA approval was granted.

But we are talking liposuction here and you need to tread carefully. So – here’s my quick and easy SmartLipo guide to help you sort the hype from the reality.
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How to choose the best anti aging clinic

anti aging clinic

If you want the best result from your anti aging treatments – you need to find a reliable plastic surgeon or dermatologist and a good clinic.

Whether you are thinking of facial cosmetic surgery, cellulite treatments, a chemical peel, skin resurfacing, restylane or the latest contour thread lift – you could be living with the results of your anti aging treatment for quite a while – so choose carefully.
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PermaLip permanent implants

PermaLip-lip-implantsPermaLip – the first ever permanent silicone lip implant was introduced into the UK  by a London based plastic surgeon in early 2007.

PermaLip is a silicone based lip implant which is soft and malleable and produces – so plastic surgeons would have us believe – fuller, luscious lips without the problems previously associated with permanent lip fillers.
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Ditch the silicone – grow your own breast implants

breast_augmentationBreast augmentation procedures may never be the same again.

In a technique pioneered in Japan, scientists have developed a more “natural” approach to breast enlargment using stem cells and fat from a woman’s own body.
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SmartLipo lunch hour fat fixer

SmartLipoSmartLipo was one of the first laser lipolysis machines to be launched on the market in early 2006 and since then the procedure has become a serious alternative to Liposuction.

Claimed to be a lunch-time procedure that uses laser technology to cut fat and cellulite without resorting to the more invasive liposuction – the  treatment sounds almost too good to be true.
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