Vitamin C aids weight loss


It seems vitamin C supplements can help you look younger in more ways than one. You may know that Vitamin C is great for younger looking skin. But do you know about vitamin C for weight loss?

Vitamin C was the first vitamin to be discovered – we’ve all grown up knowing we had to drink our orange juice and take vitamin C tablets to ward off winter colds.

But who knew that good old vitamin C could help us lose weight?

According to recent research done at Arizona State University – vitamin C may help you in your fight with middle age spread. The researchers found that low blood levels of vitamin C are directly linked to larger waists, higher BMI (Body Mass Index) and higher blood fat levels. [Read more…]

Boosting energy over 40

anti-aging-supplement-for-energyYou might think that low energy over 40 is a fact of life and that boosting energy is impossible. What you may not know is that there are certain supplements for energy that can help restore your youthful zest.

Choose the right anti aging supplement and you may find that suddenly you just haven’t got enough hours in your day to do everything you want.

We may not want to admit it – especially to our younger friends and relatives – but age can take a toll on energy levels. And there really isn’t anything more aging than someone complaining of low energy. [Read more…]

Vitamin supplement vital for healthy aging

vitamin-supplementsA vitamin supplement is a vital part of healthy aging. Your body runs better when it gets the full range of vitamins and minerals it needs on a daily basis and you look younger too.

The problem is millions of us are a long way from getting the nutrition we need at any stage of our lives and the problem gets worse as you go into your middle years.

That’s why a vitamin supplement may be one of the best investments you can make. There are hundreds out there – the important thing is to focus on the vitamins and minerals that will give you the anti aging boost you need.
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Why hormones matter

supplementsHormones really do contain the essence of life – in control of growth and cell activity hormones play a major role in aging and in the drive to stop aging.

Think back to your youth – you probably felt at your best when you were in your early twenties. Hormone levels were at their peak so your body was able to send messages easily in response to any damage to cells.

Cell repair was lightening fast – your skin was supple and your body firm.
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Human Growth Hormone – beware the hype


HGH or human growth hormone is well known to most people – especially those over a certain age who want to look younger

You may have heard about HGH as an anti aging hormone so powerful it will stop aging. There is a huge amount written and claimed about human growth hormone and much of it is hype.

So – here’s some basic background information to help you negotiate your way through the hype jungle. [Read more…]

Get omega 3 benefits for younger looking skin

omega-3-younger-looking-skinDid you know that upping your intake of omega 3 benefits your skin AND boosts your brain power as you get older?

There are many other advantages to popping a little golden capsule of omega 3 on a daily basis – but those two facts are  probably enough for most of us right there. [Read more…]