Scrub up for summer

review-body-exfoliatorsSummer means one thing – more skin exposure. And if you’re 40+ and your winter skin is less than cared for now is the time to give it some extra tender loving care.

If you live anywhere in the Northern half of the world your skin has probably spent most of winter smothered in long sleeved, high neck knitwear.

Wherever you live – chances are you’ll be wearing less and exposing more come the summer so make sure your skin is up to it.

Exfoliating means skin takes moisture more easily, feels super soft and glows like younger skin. Dry, dead looking skin is very aging -whatever your real age.
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Dermatologist recommended skin care

skin-care-from-dermatologistsDermatologists used to be people who treated skin problems – rashes, itching, break outs – if you had any of these you took yourself off to a dermatologist’s office for a talk to the best skin doc you could find.

Recently dermatologists have moved out of the office and into the laboratory. You must have noticed it yourself – how anti aging skin care has changed.

Dermatologist recommended skin care is definitely the hot new anti aging trend.
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How to apply face serum

applying-face-serum-properlyYou may live by the skin care mantra of cleanse, tone and mositurize but do you know where the face serum fits in?

Serums are relative newcomers to the anti aging skin care market and a lot of people (me included when I first starting using it) are unclear about exactly when and how to apply a skin serum to get the most benefit.  It’s an additional step in the daily skin care regimen and we’re not sure just when to use it. Under or over your moisturizer – last thing before your makeup – sometimes skin care manufacturers don’t make it clear.

You might assume that if you don’t get guidance from the makers – it doesn’t matter how you apply it.

But it does – applying your serum properly has a real impact on how well the active anti aging ingredients penetrate below the skin’s surface. Ultimately it can make a difference as to whether you get the positive results you want.

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Three minute skin care regimen

speedy-skin-care-regimenYou know very well what you should be doing every single day and you may start the week with the best of intentions but sometimes the pace of modern life just takes over.

So what is the minimum daily anti aging skin care regimen that you can get away with?
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Retinol vs retinoid – do you know the difference?

retinol-not-retinoidRetinol is often seen as something of an anti aging super ingredient – one of the few names that most consumers recognize in the often confusing world of skin care.

Truth to tell it is retinoic acid that should be winning all the plaudits – retinol probably comes in a rather poor second.

Retinoic acid – in the form of tretinoin and other retinoids – has long been used by dermatologists to treat skin problems like acne and later to improve some of the symptoms of aging skin. Retinoic acid has been shown to trigger many reactions within and between skin cells and has an effect on – among other things – sebum production (hence its use in acne formulations) and collagen production.
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Is hydroquinone safe in your skin cream?

should-you-use-hydroquinoneHydroquinone is one of the most widely used active ingredients in skin care – at least in the US – and yet a debate rages about the side effects of hydroquinone and its safety.

You may have heard of hydroquinone in association with topical skin lightening creams particularly those aimed at treating age spots.

Most women with dark spots want to get rid of them and one of the simplest and most cost effective ways is to use a topical product containing a lightening agent. One of the most effective is hydroquinone. [Read more…]

Study shows hydration beats wrinkles

hydrating-cream-used-daily-reduces-wrinklesDaily use of a simple hydrating cream is the best thing you can do to reduce wrinkles according to a recent study.

Even if you take the most laid back attitude to anti aging most of us would prefer not to have wrinkles – or at least to have less of them.

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