Walk your way to a better butt

walking-exercise-buttGreat legs and a toned butt are a real confidence booster and a svelte lower half makes you look instantly younger.

Great anti aging health means keeping your muscles toned and body fat under control. But that’s not just about exercising more it’s also about exercising smarter.

Cardiovascular exercise helps burn off calories but the trick is to pick the right cardio exercise if you want a younger looking butt and a great swimsuit shape.

Leg exercise is great for your whole lower body and will keep vascular problems like spider veins at bay too.

Walking fits the bill for raising your heart rate and targeting the key muscle groups you’re aiming to tone up.

You need to walk uphill to get the best possible effects.

It can be a virtual hill of course – use a treadmill in the gym and set the incline function to around 5-8%. Walk on the treadmill with your arms free just as you would naturally outside.

Or go hill walking in the open air and get quality oxygen intake and vitamin D at the same time. Up your pace to get maximum benefit – but do it gradually and only to a level you feel comfortable.

Use the stairs at home or work and take long strides covering 2-3 steps at a time. The higher and longer the stride the better. Avoid the elevator and take the stairs when you’re out and about – in the subway, in stores and shopping malls. Every bit of cardio exercise counts if you do it right.

If you use an elliptical trainer in the gym – don’t use the arms. That way every bit of effort is concentrated in your leg and buttock muscles. It’s too easy to grab the arms for support and lose some of the impact.

Keep your core muscles drawn in and hold yourself erect when you walk. Make a conscious effort to squeeze your butt when exercising for added toning and tightening effect.

In fact – you can squeeze your butt any old time you like – doing the ironing, sitting reading or working at your pc, in the shower, in a boring business meeting – even in the car!

Regular and often is the key to most exercise routines and walking your way to a better butt is no exception!

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