Burn fat over 40 the healthy way

burn-fat-over-40At some point we just have to accept it – metabolism gradually slows down as we age and our bodies burn less fat.

Why this happens is largely due to loss of muscle tissue but age, gender and hormonal changes also play vital roles.

Metabolism is the name for the numerous chemical processes that are continuously happening within our bodies. It’s these chemicals that allow us to stay alive and function normally as well as regulating our weight.

Beware chemical fat burners

It’s very tempting to get added chemical help to shift stubborn fat – there are lots of fat burning supplements on the market. You need to tread carefully.

It’s true that over a certain age – probably around 40 – we burn less calories. As we age we tend to have less muscle tissue and so our demand for calories lessens. In general – expect your metabolic rate to decline by 2-3% every decade.

Few of us want to spent our mature years counting calories so instead we look for ways in which we can cut calories and speed up metabolism at the same time.

One response is to diet to get the excess weight off. The key is to avoid any diet that doesn’t give your body the anti aging nutrition it needs.

Natural ways to speed metabolism

If you need to lose weight – find a weight loss program that reduces your intake of calories in a healthy way that you can stick to.

Taking a supplement to increase your metabolic rate is a great idea – provided you go for something natural rather than a synthetic chemical.

Green tea is a packed with antioxidants with amazing health benefits and is scientifically proven to accelerate fat burning and to eliminate abdominal fat in particular.

What’s more it works! I added green tea to my weight loss program and I am sure the loss of flab around my waist was down to my intake of green tea.

You need to drink at least two cups of green tea a day to get the full benefit. The best approach is probably to buy a high strength green tea extract from a reputable source. That way you get the same high antioxidant levels with every capsule and one capsule is the same as drinking three cups of green tea.

You can also consider some other anti aging supplements that help burn fat more efficiently. Acetyl-L Carnitine is a naturally occurring fat burner which can be taken safely and without side effects.

What’s more – just like green tea – Acetyl L Carnitine is a powerful naural anti aging antioxidant in its own right. The benefits of supplementing Acetyl L Carnitine include increased mental sharpness and higher levels of physical energy – and that’s without the fat burning effect.

Natural Levels of Acetyl L Carnitine decline with age so taking a high quality supplement is a very good idea for your health as well as your figure!

Eat more protein and build muscle

If you want to burn more fat – take a look at what you are eating and make an effort to eat at more protein. Protein helps keep the metabolic rate at an optimum level so aim to include: fish, poultry, dairy products, bean curd, pulses or eggs in each meal.

As we get older we all need to build muscle mass – after 40 muscle mass takes a nose dive. Just having less muscle than fat in your body means you burn less fat when you move around. Do weight bearing exercise to build up your muscle density and you’ll see the pounds shed quicker.

Adding muscle mass is good for your bone health too and for your energy and vitality in general. A strong and flexible body is a visible sign of a younger looking you.

Healthy aging should be your aim – to increase metabolism safely so you don’t store extra fat around your middle is a good idea – to pursue fast weight loss which you can’t sustain over the longer term is not.

Any fat burning supplements you take should be natural anti aging supplements such a green tea extract and Acetyl L Carnitine which are proven antioxidants to boost your immune system and help your body use fat efficiently.

For optimum anti aging health a safe weight loss program combined with exercise and natural fat burning supplements is a great way to burn fat over 40.

Sounds boring but it works.

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