How to hide dark circles like a make up pro

dark-circles-concealerYou may be working on getting rid of the circles your eyes but if you want a more immediate solution – how about a concealer?

A good under eye concealer is one of the best anti aging products you can buy and it’s an essential part of your make up kit.

Concealer is a definite must have when it comes to looking younger, brighter and fresher – whatever you feel like inside.

Under eye circles get worse with age as skin around the eyes gets thinner and the tiny blood vessels show through more.

None of which helps us to feel good about ourselves as we get older. There isn’t much point perfecting your eye make up if dark shadows under your eyes are undermining your efforts.

You may want to take more permanent action to deal with the problem by using a special eye cream – but in the meantime or while you’re waiting for it to work – you can do a professional job by using a good under eye concealer.

Covering up a simple small blemish with concealer is quite easy to do. But hiding dark circles is much more difficult – you have to cover a much bigger area of skin which is often a surprisingly intense color.

Eliminating dark circles completely requires a concealer with a high level of light color pigment and good smudge proof coverage.  Your usual concealer may be too thin and is unlikely to work effectively – you need to buy one designed for the purpose.

You also need to apply your special concealer like a make up pro so the dark circles ‘disappear’ completely and your eye makeup goes on effortlessly afterwards. Here’s a useful six step guide:

  1. Choose an under eye concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone and make sure it has a yellow base. Yellow will offset the blue tones of your dark circles hiding them more effectively.
  2. Apply your usual eye cream first – You can skip this step if you are using a concealer that also contains moisturizers and ingredients like vitamin K to get rid of your dark circles
  3. Apply foundation first if you wear one and blend thoroughly.  Let your foundation ‘set’ – wait a few minutes to make sure it is dry and absorbed into your skin.
  4. Apply concealer over the whole area – right up to the base of your lower lashes and along into the skin at the corner of your eye by the bridge of your nose. Dark circles are often at their worst here. Use your index finger or a special concealer brush to apply the concealer.
  5. Build up coverage in layers allowing one layer to dry before applying the next. Blend continually with your fingers patting rather than pulling the skin.
  6. Set the concealer with powder – when you’ve covered your dark circles – use a small clean powder puff to pat on a thin layer of fine powder. This will bind the concealer to the skin and set your make up.  Use a finely milled mineral powder to avoid clogging.

If you don’t have a concealer for dark circles – upgrade now – you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

My personal all time favorite is Bobbi Brown Concealer – a duo of creamy concealer and a translucent setting powder in a neat compact.  There are a good range of shades to suit all skin tones.

I find the warm ivory shade just right for me and the yellow base to the concealer does a fantastic job of disguising the bluish under eye shadows.  The concealer cream is a thick paste consistency which disguises even the darkest corners of the inner eye – even after a really late night!

Before I started using the Bobbi Brown product I used a Jane Iredale concealer formulated to cover dark circles completely using the same high purity minerals as all her make up.

Jane Iredale Circle Delete gives you two creamy mineral based products in one so you can blend to get the coverage just right and comes in three different shades.

Jane Iredale’s Circle Delete includes vitamin K in the formulation so it’s not just a make up – it helps to get rid of your dark circles permanently.

DuWop Circle Block is another two in one product – this time a water resistant shield and a light weight concealer which you apply on top.

These are all good products but I have to make the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer my best buy.

Whatever you use – with a specialist concealer for dark circles and this guide you’ll get great professional looking results.

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    • Jenn – it’s so nice to be appreciated – I wrote this article because the tips helped me to use concealer better to hide dark circles. Until I researched it I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong but this approach definitely works!

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