Are you too old for cosmetic surgery?

cosmetic-surgery-age-riskAsking your doctor whether you’re too old for plastic surgery sounds like a silly question in some ways.

After all – it’s probably your age – or the changes your face goes through as you age – that’s got you thinking about cosmetic surgery in the first place.

Putting aside why you want cosmetic surgery – age could be a factor in whether your surgeon thinks you are a suitable candidate. Your age may greatly up the risk and make the outcome less successful.

Although all individuals vary – generally the older you are the more risks you can expect from cosmetic surgery. It’s unlikley to be simple age discrimination that makes your doctor turn you down for cosmetic surgery – the decision is bound to be made on a medical basis.

Your cosmetic surgeon will know that many men and women over the age of fifty have physical conditions which put up a red flag as far as surgery is concerned.

High blood pressure is one – or the early signs of heart disease another. You may have an underlying medical condition that your surgeon knows makes cosmetic surgery more dangerous and less likely to succeed.

It doesn’t mean that you will automatically be considered high risk if you are well past middle age. Aging doesn’t necessarily mean poor health but we all know that as we get older our body changes and we are more likely to suffer from certain conditions.

What matters most for the safety of any surgical procedure is how healthy you are overall. Plastic surgery is a big challenge to your body and your cosmetic surgeon needs to assess this before agreeing to take you as a patient.

For this reason if you’re over 50 you are going to be assessed more thoroughly than someone in their 30’s or 40’s. Your surgeon will look at your detailed medical history – you’ll have a full physical examination and lab tests. Whatever you do – don’t try to cheat. Tell your physician the full facts about your state of health and disclose all pre-existing medical conditions.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t necessarily out for women well into their 50’s and 60’s – lots of women do it.   But have you thought about the alternatives first?  There are a whole host of non-invasive anti aging treatments you could consider that stop short of the risks of all out surgery

If you decide the non-invasive route isn’t for you – there are other age related issues you should seriously consider.

Recovery time over 50 will be longer and may involve more discomfort as the rate of healing slows with age. For some cosmetic procedures skin elasticity will be an issue. If you have liposuction skin may sag after the excess fat has been removed and you may need further corrective surgery.

Cell renewal rate slows with age and you have to bear in mind that – whatever cosmetic surgery procedure you have done – it’s not likely to last as long as it would have done when you were younger. You may be ready for cosmetic surgery in your 50’s – but what about your 60’s and beyond?

It’s in your interests to take all these things into account before deciding to go for cosmetic surgery. Above all – If you consult a board certified cosmetic surgeon and you don’t get medical clearance to have surgery – accept it. Trying to find second and third opinions to make your case may put your health and life at risk.

If you’re starting cosmetic surgery later in life – ask yourself how long you’re going to go on for. After all at some point – we all have to accept the inevitable!

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  1. It’s probably best to avoid plastic surgery at all costs… and do it only after you’ve tried everything possible.

    I’ve heard some horror stories!

  2. The main demographic of women seeking anti-ageing surgery is 40-70. So it would be a bit of a contradiction to say over 50 you may be too old for surgery considering that is the age when most women will need procedures like eyelid surgery and facelifts. It’s really after 65 that docs are more cautious but these days women often have cosmetic surgery in their 70’s and 80’s. It overall health that matters, not age.

  3. I would rather focus on too young rather than too old. That’s when the addiction starts.

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