Be honest about your reasons for cosmetic surgery

cosmetic-surgery-reasonsIf you are considering cosmetic surgery one of the most important questions to ask yourself is: why?

A lot of women thinking about cosmetic surgery have a natural desire to look younger or better than they do currently. The same desire that motivates us to buy an anti aging cream or cover up our gray hair can lead us to wonder about a face lift.

But taking a decision to have elective cosmetic surgery – to cut into your healthy facial tissue – is not as simple as deciding which anti aging face cream to buy.

You need to be sure that you are making the right choice for you and that you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.

Answering that key question demands some serious self analysis.

Not just by you either – if you get the right cosmetic surgeon they should be as keen to make sure cosmetic surgery is the right way forward for you as you are. Ultimately the success of your cosmetic surgery will depend on your mental state as much as your physical readiness for surgery.

Physically most reasonably fit women will pass the readiness for cosmetic surgery test. That doesn’t mean that all of us are good candidates for cosmetic surgery.

One of the key questions concerns your body image – how much the desire to improve the way you look is grounded in realism. Do you have a good healthy body image and a positive perception of how you look? Do you want to look like yourself but a bit better or younger. Or are your standards so high that you will never be satisfied – are you seeking an idealized image of the perfect face or body?

Be honest about how you feel about your looks – with yourself and with your doctor.

If the way you look makes you feel depressed, angry or self-critical then you may not be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.

Sometimes patients build up cosmetic surgery in their minds as the answer to all their problems. If you believe cosmetic surgery will rescue your failing marriage or get you a promotion at work – you are probably making the wrong decision.

A good professional physician will take a lot of trouble to get to know exactly what your motivation is for cosmetic surgery. It’s in their interests to do so as unrealistic expectations will result in a poor outcome. There is very little point in paying a lot of money for a painful procedure if you are going to end up unhappy because in your eyes it didn’t achieve the perfect face or body you wanted.

The most important thing to remember is that cosmetic surgery can make you look better but it will never deliver complete perfection. By being honest with yourself and your doctor you are both more likely to end up satisfied with the results of your cosmetic surgery.

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