Why being an apple shape is bad for healthy aging

Being an apple shape is bad for anti aging health

If you’re a pear shape – carrying excess weight on your hips and thighs – chances are you hate it.

But research now shows that as far as healthy aging goes – it’s better if your body is pear shaped rather than apple shaped.

Apple shapes tend naturally to store fat around the middle.  Unfortunately, the tendancy to abdominal fat gets worse with age – for all of us whether apples or pears.

That means that apple shapes will become more apple like as they get older but the rest of us will also acquire more unwanted flab around our waists too.

So just how worrying is this abdominal fat? Potentially it is quite dangerous and the more abdominal fat you have the worse it is for your health.

The main reason that the apple shape is more dangerous than the pear shape is the way the fat is distributed.

We all acquire extra weight around the middle as we get older but did you know that middle aged spread also means you accumulate excess fat around the internal organs. You may hate extra fat on your hips and thighs – but it’s does less damage there than around your major organs.

Type 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance are two common problems associated with larger apple shapes but there’s also an increased risk of breast cancer, ovulatory dysfunction, heart problems and sleep apnea.

As far as overall health is concerned there’s no doubt about it – the apple shape is more dangerous than the pear.

Quite apart from any of these serious health risks – as most of us know – abdominal fat just doesn’t look good.

Because of the increased risk of health problems – if you have acquired abdominal fat – it’s important you take steps to get rid of of it.

Stepping up your cardio exercise routine will help but aerobic exercise alone won’t get rid of abdominal fat. You need to build in a core exercise program to target the important muscles around your middle – your core muscles.

Toning and strengthening you core muscles acts like a corset round your middle – pulling in your shape and keeping your abdominal flab in check.

Take a look at your overall BMI and if you are into the overweight zone – take some steps to reduce. Aim for permanent weight loss and achieve it gradually.

A combined approach of aerobic and core exercisess with healthy weight loss is the best way to deal with that middle aged spread.

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