Anti aging crystal ball


Helping us look younger for longer is becoming a major focus for the cosmetics industry.

With new anti aging products coming at us from all directions – seems like a great time to get out our anti aging crystal ball and peer into it.

Just what exciting, weird, wacky and wonderful anti aging products and skin firming treatments are scientists cooking up for us?

Here’s our top predictions for younger looking skin in 2009 and beyond.

First off is the focus on the so called “instant” face lift – space agency scientists and cosmetic chemists have already produced quick lift skin creams based on extreme cooling technology.

Freeze 24/7 was an early version of this approach and the latest – from Icy Beauty  – claims to reduce wrinkles by over a third within an hour. The drive to replace Botox and facial cosmetic surgery with topically applied anti wrinkle creams will continue to be a big trend in anti aging products.

Stem cell technology is our second big prediction for anti aging research. Stem cells have a unique ability to protect and repair skin tissue. Dior’s Capture R60 and R80 are the most important anti aging products arising from this research with a unique ability – so it’s claimed – to protect the skin from further damage and deterioration.

Alongside this trend – Russian anti aging research is focusing on using stem cells harvested from your own body for skin rejuvenation and skin firming treatments. The downside is that the procedure is hugely expensive, untested and illegal in most of the world. Critics of the treatment say that it’s unproven and unlikely to work – and at $30,000 a go – way beyond the reach of most of us.

The use of human growth factors or HGF in anti aging creams is becoming a major focus. Not to be confused with human growth hormones – human growth factors are a major focus for anti aging research by most big skincare companies. HGF can be applied topically and have a big impact on skin repair and collagen production.  The technology is here now and available – SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex is the product to go for with the highest level of HGF on the market.

If you thought face lift surgery may be a step too far then how about skull lifts? A face lift just isn’t enough apparently – the bones of the face move with age and contribute to facial aging – it’s not just our skin that goes south with age! The good news is that the research is focusing on injections to prevent the bone shift rather than using the knife to correct it. Sounds a little scary none the less.

So that’s it – that’s what the future might hold.  For me the most important thing in all this is to look and feel better – not just to look younger – as I age. Some of the developments in anti aging skin care are exciting but I think I’ll pass on the skull lift for now.

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