Looking younger without trying

helen-mirren-looking-youngerWhen it comes to looking younger than her age – Helen Mirren is a superb role model.

I was reminded how effortlessly she manages this by a surprise  present – the complete series of ‘Prime Suspect’.

Starting off in the power-dressing days of 1991 when Mirren was in her mid forties – ‘Prime Suspect’ is – among many other things – a video diary of one woman’s aging process.

OK – she is in character and Jane Tennison certainly isn’t Helen Mirren.

For one thing nobody could smoke as much as Tennison does in the early series and end up looking as good as Mirren does now.

The fashion and lifestyle choices – poor food, alcohol and smoking to excess – none of that is the real Helen Mirren. But through the hard edges of the character she plays and without any photo enhancement or soft focus filming – Mirren manages to look great.

It’s a lot more difficult to say exactly how she does this.

At the core of it is inner confidence and intelligence. She has great poise and command in the way she holds her body and in the tilt of her head. The lines and wrinkles and the way time changes her face simply don’t matter.

For those of us chasing the anti aging goal of looking younger – or at least looking good for our age – that’s quite an important lesson.

Taking good care of yourself and enhancing what you have is an essential part of feeling confident and looking younger. Obsessing about your appearance is a total turn off!

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