Does mesotherapy work for cellulite?

Does mesotherapy work for celluliteMesotherapy has received a lot of attention in the press recently as the latest wonder cellulite reduction strategy.

Like many women you may be increasingly concerned about cellulite as you get older – it may not be one of the most obvious anti aging treatments but those little dimples in your thighs certainly don’t help you look younger. 

If you’re thinking of doing something about it – then you could be tempted by the media hype around mesotherapy. But before you rush off to the nearest clinic – take a while to think about whether cellulite injections are really for you.

Mesotherapy involves injecting a specially mixed cocktail of chemicals into your cellulite. This chemical cocktail could include vitamins, herbal extracts and drugs.

Although the drugs used in mesotherapy have been approved by the FDA – they haven’t been approved for cellulite reduction. The FDA has never approved any drugs specifically for the reducing cellulite.

What you get when you have cellulite injections is what’s called ‘off-label’ drugs – FDA approved drugs used for other purposes.  So – what that means is that mesotherapy is not covered by FDA approval in any form.

You might wonder what’s in the chemical mixture that will be injected into your thighs or bottom or wherever else you have cellulite.  The truth is there is no set forumla – every doctor is free to decide what to include in their own special mixture.

Remember – this is a completely non-regulated process. Generally – your doctor should select active chemicals according to their ability to reduce cellulite.  In other words you should be given chemicals that sofften connective tissue, break up fat, stimulate circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.

The idea behind mesotherapy is that delivering active chemicals directly to the source of the problem should reduce cellulite better than a treatment applied topically.

That is likely to be true – cellulite creams fail to penetrate the surface layer of the skin. So the theory seems to be a good one. The problem is there is no clinical data to show the effectiveness and safety of the results.

Since each doctor uses their own ‘recipe’ you’ve got no way of deciding how they all stack up – which Doctor and which mixture reduces cellulite best.

And it’s not a cheap procedure. You will probably require around 5-10 sessions each one costing about $150 each. Since it won’t eliminate cellulite – the condition may come back. So you need to build the cost of repeat sessions at a later date to keep your cellulite under control.

No doubt you’re keen to reduce your cellulite but you may be better advised to wait till mesotherapy as a cellulite reduction therapy has been properly tested and results are clear.  As an alternative – think about a liposuction for stubborn areas of fat and cellulite.

If you do go ahead with mesotherapy – choose your doctor very carefully – or you could end up losing more money than cellulite.

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  1. I am thinking…try with smart lipo…maybe is better tahn mesotherapy…

  2. I recently had 6 needless mesotherapy treatments done. I did lose a few inches, but to be honest… I don’t know if it was from the mesotherapy or from the strict diet they put me on, or both? I lost 10 lbs. in the 6 weeks. I didn’t really notice much difference in the appearance of my cellulite. Mesotherapy is very expensive and if I had to do over again… I would say it’s not worth it!


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