Beauty sleep:why you need it and how to get it

beauty-sleep-anti-aging-beautyThere’s no doubt we feel better after a good night’s sleep – but did you know that getting your beauty sleep is one of the best anti aging tips of all time.

For any woman over 40 a good night’s sleep is an anti aging must have. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing.

When you’re asleep all the cells in your body repair and recover. Daily stress ages your face and body because of the release of cortisol and the increase of bad neurotransmitters like norepinephrine.

For an effective beauty sleep regimen you need a regular release from the daily effects of stress. So – it’s true – as your mother probably told you – you need your beauty sleep.

When you sleep soundly your body releases growth hormone – and for growth hormone read youth hormone – the stuff of health supplements.

During sleep, your body also releases melatonin, which has incredibly positive effects on your skin and your immune system.

Beauty sleep tips

So – how do you make sure you get your beauty sleep? Here’s eight top tips to make sure you sleep soundly like a baby:

1. No alcohol before bedtime – A glass of wine may make you /feel pleasantly sleepy but the alcohol pumps norepinephrine into the system which can excite your system and cause you to wake in the wee small hours. You’ve probably experienced that after drinking at a dinner party or a night out. Now you know why. Stay off the alcohol if you want a good night’s sleep.

2. Avoid caffeine in any form – you probably already know that. But don’t forget – it’s not just the coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine take your favorite drink in de-caffeinated form. Or try a gentle fruit or herbal tea or just good old water last thing before bed.

3. No sweets before bed time You may have heard that before too – or even said it to your children. Well as far as beauty sleep is concerned this bit of old-fashioned advice is right on the nail. High blood sugar interferes with growth hormone production which is essential to look younger for longer.

4. Stay calm before bed time – avoid intense “discussions” with your partner or any activity that stimulates brain activity levels. Try to empty your mind of the details from your day.

5. Relax and wind down – spend time taking off make up and preparing for bed. Don’t rush – enjoy the time you’re spending just on you.

6. Create a bedroom haven – Clean sheets, fresh flowers, low lighting and a perfumed candle or two, create an atmosphere that makes you look forward to going to bed. Sorting through the muddle of crumpled clothes to find your bed is not a good way to start your beauty sleep.

7. Fresh air and exercise – Another simple tip that your mother probably told you – to sleep well at night you need plenty of fresh air and physical activity during the day. Aerobic exercise releases feel good endorphins into your bloodstream and raises your mood for a long time afterwards. Physical tiredness will cause you to sleep soundly and well.

8. Take a deep relaxing bath – float away the stresses of the day with a bath pillow, your favorite scented bath essence and some candles.

That’s it – simple practical tips to help you get your beauty sleep every night of your life so the magic youth fairy will visit and wave her wand!

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  1. jenn brigole says:

    I could probable say that everything in this list is not new to me, but having read a more tangible “reason why” for them has helped me realize more why it’s so important to take notice of these simple ways. Especially for women over 40, these are great tips to encourage them to practice for them to feel and look younger and healthier. In addition (if you don’t mind), I’ve read somewhere that drinking a lot of water (liquid) right before sleeping is not so fun; it’s been said that it will only make you feel bloated and heavy come morning. A few hours or so is what’s been advised.

    • Eileen Gravelle says:

      Jenn – Thanks for your comment – when I wrote the article I felt the same way. I knew it was important to get enough sleep and the tips on what to do for a good night’s sleep were common sense. When you look behind it you realize why sleep is so important especially as a beauty booster as you get older!

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