Vitamin C aids weight loss


It seems vitamin C supplements can help you look younger in more ways than one. You may know that Vitamin C is great for younger looking skin. But do you know about vitamin C for weight loss?

Vitamin C was the first vitamin to be discovered – we’ve all grown up knowing we had to drink our orange juice and take vitamin C tablets to ward off winter colds.

But who knew that good old vitamin C could help us lose weight?

According to recent research done at Arizona State University – vitamin C may help you in your fight with middle age spread. The researchers found that low blood levels of vitamin C are directly linked to larger waists, higher BMI (Body Mass Index) and higher blood fat levels.

Vitamin C and flabby waists

People with higher levels of vitamin C in their blood are correspondingly slimmer around the waist with better BMI and less fat in the blood. All of which is definitely a good thing.

Most people concerned about healthy aging now know that vitamin C is important and that we should eat vitamin C rich foods and take a vitamin C supplement at a pretty high level – in excess of 1000 mg a day is now recommended – to make sure we get the boost to our immune system that we need.

But the fact that vitamin C can help in the war on abdominal flab as well is welcome news.

How does vitamin C help fat loss?

The researchers weren’t sure exactly how this worked – whether obesity runs down your vitamin C levels or whether low levels of vitamin C mean you’re more likely to become obese in the first place.

But one thing is very clear from the research – if you have higher levels of vitamin C in your blood you’ll burn fat at a faster rate when you exercise.

It’s all to do with the relationship between vitamin C and L-carnitine apparently. Carnitine is important in carrying energy to the heart of each cell in the body and ensures a healthy metabolism.

Vitamin C is vital for the production of carnitine so not getting enough vitamin C will deplete your energy levels and cause your body to store fat in your muscles.

The result – excess weight and flab – and for those in middle age that means  more abdominal flab – the worst kind.

Calorie rich – Nutrient poor

If you are overweight – especially if you are obese – the chances are that you get plenty of calories but not enough of the key vitamins and nutrients you need for health and energy. And if you go on a diet the situation gets worse – it becomes even harder to keep your levels of nutrients up and eat well.

So the vitamin C you need to help you burn off fat may be depleted by the diet you’re following to lose weight!  A daily vitamin C tablet is the answer but don’t leave it at that.

Taking vitamin C for weight loss can help you shed the pounds and make sure your diet is healthy at the same time. The benefits for your looks will go far beyond slimming down – skin, hair, eyes and nails will all benefit.

So – if you’re looking to lose weight and look younger – increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and start taking a high level vitamin C supplement.

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