Vitamin supplement vital for healthy aging

vitamin-supplementsA vitamin supplement is a vital part of healthy aging. Your body runs better when it gets the full range of vitamins and minerals it needs on a daily basis and you look younger too.

The problem is millions of us are a long way from getting the nutrition we need at any stage of our lives and the problem gets worse as you go into your middle years.

That’s why a vitamin supplement may be one of the best investments you can make. There are hundreds out there – the important thing is to focus on the vitamins and minerals that will give you the anti aging boost you need.

But what are the key vitamins and minerals you need for healthy aging and long term beauty?

You may not be aware that there are two different types of vitamins and both are needed by your body:

1. Vitamins you can store: vitamins A, D, E and K dissolve in fat and are then absorbed in the blood stream and stored in the liver. The important point here is your body can store these vitamins – for up to 6 months in some cases.

2. Vitamins you can’t store: some vitamins – notably vitamin C and the B-complex group – are water soluble.  As your body can’t store them – they get eliminated in water loss from your body every day.  That means you need a fresh intake of these essential vitamins every day for healthy aging, energy and vitality.

To make things more difficult – its the vitamins you can’t store that are vital for retaining younger looking skin, hair and vitality. The other problem with water soluble vitamins is that they are easily destroyed. That’s why you need to store fresh fruit and vegetables in a fridge and why soaking fruit and vegetables in water is not recommended.

Given the problems of replacing vitamins continually through your diet – taking a good vitamin supplement is essential to keep yourself healthy, energetic and looking younger for longer.

So when you look for the best anti aging supplements watch out for these essential vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin C Vitamin C is vital to prolong youthful appearance of your skin vitamin C helps with the repair of cells and the production of collagen which supports all of the connective tissues in the body. Works in harmony with Vitamin E.

Vitamin E An essential antioxidant that protects the body and the skin against damage from free radicals

Selenium Protects the body from free radicals – also helps in the breakdown of harmful toxins that may have accumulated in the body that can lead to signs of aging.

Calcium Calcium is vital for the health of your bones and important particularly for women as they get older because it protects from the risk of bone mineral loss and osteoporosis. Many women need a high quality calcium supplement.

As well as these four – you also need to add a high strength omega 3 capsule. Omega 3 is vital for younger looking skin as you get older and works with vitamin C and E to boost collagen and moisturize your skin from within. It is also well known as a cancer fighting antioxidant with important benefits for heart and brain health. As more research is done the more we get to know about the amazing benefits of omega 3 for all round health.

There are many vitamin supplements on the market – go for the best you can afford.  Cheaper usually means inferior contents.  Check the small print to make sure you’re getting the highest levels of each vitamin or mineral for your money.

Naturally – you can’t just take an anti aging supplement and expect it to work wonders if you carry on your old habits.  If you drink alcohol for instance – any additional vitamin C you take in is likely to be lost as alcohol depletes vitamin C levels in your body.  You’ll have to take a stronger dose. Similarly smoking will restrict the absorption of essential nutrients like vitamin C and E and will make calcium deficiency worse.

An even better approach would  be to look at the way you live and cut back on any lifestyle choices that get in the way of healthy aging – smoking and drinking would be a good first step.

You won’t get results overnight but if you take a the best vitamin supplement you can afford every day you’ll start to see the benefits in younger looking skin, great hair and increased energy and zest for life.  My definition of healthy aging!

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