Plastic surgery risks may outweigh benefits

plastic--surgeryThere’s no doubt about it – plastic surgery can deliver rapid and dramatic changes in sagging skin and wrinkled faces. But bad plastic surgery can ruin your life.

The golden rule if you’re considering face lift surgery, or any other facial cosmetic surgery – take your time and don’t rush into it. You might be clear about the benefits of plastic surgery but have you taken the time to consider the risks?

You don’t have to look far on the internet to find unhappy victims of bad cosmetic surgery. So take care and be warned.

Downsides of plastic surgery

Results are not guaranteed. Everyone who undergoes plastic surgery risks disappointment.

We are all unique and physical make up and genetics will determine the outcome as well as the skill and performance on the day of the physician you choose.

When you look at positive reviews of plastic surgery procedures think about the negatives – if 60% of the reviews are positive – what about the 40% that aren’t. How do you know you won’t be in the wrong group?

It will cost you – a full face lift may cost anything upwards of $10000 in the US.  Lower level procedures – half face lifts, brow or eyelifts are less but you’re still talking a lot of dollars. Never cut costs in your choice of sugeon or clinic – you could endanger your health and your looks.

Any surgery is a risk – plastic surgery included. With the best medical facilities and a top-class surgeon, complications are rare but they do happen.

Some health conditions – for instance diabetes – place you at much greater risk from plastic surgery. An invasive procedure such as a facelift will involve a general anaesthetic and this is not something to undertake lightly.

Recovery from plastic surgery is slow and involves pain and discomfort. TV makeover programs frequently gloss over the slow and painful part.

You will need time off work and help with basic needs like shopping, errands, housework. You’ll also need to buy products to help you heal more quickly – dressings, creams, lotions, pills and supplements. All this needs planning – not least from a financial point of view.

Plastic surgery does not deal with the health of your skin cells – it won’t improve the condition of your skin – only diet, lifestyle and skin care changes can do that.

Most plastic surgeons now acknowledge that you need more than plastic surgery for younger looking skin – that’s why so many skin care lines are started by aesthetic surgeons. After plastic surgery you need to be even more careful to follow a regular anti aging skin care regimen with the best products you can find.

Stretched skin will sag again over time. More plastic surgery may not be the way to go if you want to avoid a distorted unnatural look. So you may end up with just a temporary reprieve or – with frequent face lifts – a slightly scary result.

If you’re squeamish – forget it. You won’t even be able to cope with the pre-surgery discussions.

Topical anti aging treatments should always be the first step. If you’ve neglected your skin in the past try out some anti aging creams and lotions first. You may be very surprised by the results you can achieve over three months of careful use.

So – take your time. Find a board certified surgeon with a lot of experience in the type of plastic surgery you are seeking. Spend a long time on the search. Get names of previous patients and talk to them about the process.

If you do decide you something more radical than skin care – take a look at some of the other non-surgical alternatives first. Botox injections are an obvious choice – but have you considered a dermal filler or a skin resurfacing treatment like dermabrasion?

Really weigh up all your choices. When you do make a decision – you’re more likely to be satisfied with the outcome and you won’t have wasted a lot of money on a painful treatment that doesn’t make you look younger and could actually make you look awful!

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