Smell younger for summer

smell-younger-citrusForget looking younger – how about smelling younger?

When you’re thinking about a new summer fragrance – you may like to consider a fresh, zesty, citrus blend. According to research citrus fragrances can make you appear years younger than you really are.

These startling conclusions came from a study done in Chicago at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation using a fragrance based on a blend of pink grapefruit. Results showed that when women in their forties and fifties wore the pink grapefruit/citrus blend of fragrance – younger men perceived them to be at least six years younger than their real age. Other fragrances tried had no effect on age perception.

Dr Hirsch who led the study has been researching the effects of fragrance on human behavior for over 25 years and has since gone on to develop his own proprietary perfume based on – guess what – the same pink grapefruit blend used in the studies.

OK – It may not have been the most objective study ever done – but there could still be something in the results. Whether you’re convinced or not – citrus fragrances are among the best of summer smells.

Take a look at the L’Occitane range – Verbana or Orange Eau de Toilette capture the essence of citrus.  Or how about Body Shop’s beautiful Pink Grapefruit fragrance – reasonably priced so you can splash it on all over!

If pink grapefruit really isn’t your thing then you can always go for what must be THE iconic scent of summer – Parfum d’ete Eau de Toilette by Kenzo – an inspired mix of bergamot and citron with undertones of musk and amber.  The Eau de Toilette comes in a gorgeous leaf shaped bottle and the range extends to a perfumed shower gel and a silky body lotion so you can ‘layer’ the scent for lasting effect.

Why not try out a new citrus fragrance this summer and find out if you really do look younger to others – just by the perfume you wear.  And if you don’t – who cares?  You’ll smell divine!

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