How to choose the best anti aging clinic

anti aging clinic

If you want the best result from your anti aging treatments – you need to find a reliable plastic surgeon or dermatologist and a good clinic.

Whether you are thinking of facial cosmetic surgery, cellulite treatments, a chemical peel, skin resurfacing, restylane or the latest contour thread lift – you could be living with the results of your anti aging treatment for quite a while – so choose carefully.

Anti aging products like Restylane, glycolic acid and botox serum may be regulated by the FDA in the US but the clinics that provide these lower level anti aging treatments do not have to be at the present time.

As regulation may not help you much in some areas – it is important to tread carefully and do your research well before commiting to an anti aging treatment that could go painfully wrong.

Here’s our ten tips to help you choose wisely

1. Visit the clinic – you need to see where the treatment will be carried out. Your first visit should be free of charge and it should involve a full discussion with sufficient time for you to ask all the questions that concern you.

2. Get a second opinion – ask a friend or family member to come with you for the initial visit to the clinic so that you get a second – and totally unbiased – opinion.

3. Look at more than one clinic – even if you feel happy with the first one you see.

4. Get a brochure before you visit – request a copy of the clinic brochure or sales material and visit their website.

5. Check their credentials – find out what qualifications and training the plastic surgeon or dermatologist has – are they relevant and do they reassure you? Find out whether the person actually performing the procedure has had any special training in this particular procedure.

6. Check accreditation –  important this –  find out what professional bodies the doctor belongs to – you should be looking for major national associations. For facial cosmetic surgery you need accreditation to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons or in the UK the British Association of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons

7. Check experience – ask how many procedures of this kind the doctor has performed. Experience counts for a lot and generally costs more. If you’re looking at an established procedure like face lift surgery you should expect your plastic surgeon to have a lot of experience. Newer procedures will be more difficult to verify and you should tread carefully.

8. Look at the evidence – ask to see relevant ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of previous patients who have had the same type of treatment. Make sure they are the work of the plastic surgeon who will be carrying out your procedure.

9. Check out the cost –  Get a quotation and get it in writing.  If you feel they’re being vague or there is any pressure to commit – find another clinic. Don’t pick the lowest cost option for facial cosmetic surgery or any other radical anti aging treatment unless you believe it will deliver the best result on all the evidence. Cost should not be an issue in your final decision but you need to know exactly what the likely cost is before you commit.

10. Think it over – after the visit take time to think about what you found out and weigh it all up with all the information you have. If you need more information get it before deciding.

Don’t think you’re being pushy or over the top – all the things we’ve suggested are good professional practice.  Good plastic surgery centers and clinics will expect you to ask questions and find out all the information and should be happy to help.

Do your research and trust your instincts. If you don’t feel entirely happy with the plastic surgeon, a member of his staff or the clinic itself, go elsewhere.

A sympathetic plastic surgeon with plenty of experience and the relevant qualifications is more valuable to you than one that cuts corners to keep costs down or promises things that can’t be delivered.

Take your time and choose wisely and your cosmetic surgery or anti aging treatment should turn out to be the success you want it to be.

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