Dysport – a real botox alternative

dysport-botox-alternativeFollowing approval by the FDA in April supplies of a new wrinkle reducer – Dysport – have been distributed to plastic surgeons throughout the US.

Dysport is the trade name for abobotulinumtoxinA – a neuromuscular blocking agent just like botox and developed from the same base  – botulinum toxin.  Both botox and Dysport work in the same way to relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles.

The two anti aging products are made by different companies and – according to plastic surgeons who have been involved in clinical trials in the US – differ slightly in their effects.

Key differences appear to be that Dysport spreads more easily into muscle tissue so less injections are needed to achieve the same wrinkle reduction effect.

Dysport’s ease of spread is going to be an advantage in treating difficult forehead wrinkles which botox often failed to shift.

Whilst this is an advantage in achieving a younger looking face – there’s a downside.  You’ll need a highly skilled plastic surgeon to give you your Dysport injections if you want to avoid some unwanted side effects if the toxin spreads too rapidly into the wrong areas.  Medispa technicians are unlikely to be up to the job.

According to studies  from Europe where Dysport has already been in use for some time – the Dysport serum takes a little more quickly than botox so patients see wrinkle reduction in 1-2 days compared to the 4-7 that was needed to get your younger look using botox.  Dysport will also last for slightly longer before a top-up is needed.

Costs of Dysport compared to botox are likely to be lower – especially with some plastic surgeons already offering introductory discounts.  Chances are  that botox will be discounted too as physicians fight to retain custom.

As at least two other similar botox alternatives  are currently being developed for release into the US – the competition to be the number one wrinkle reducer is hotting up.

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  1. If I were to choose between dysports and botox, I definitely would choose dysports because it is cheaper and the result will last longer. It means that I can get fewer injections and spend less money in the long term.

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