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kate-moss-facial-agingA while back I wrote an article about Kate Moss and her worries about facial aging.  At the time it seemed ridiculous that someone in their thirties would be concerned about wrinkles and sagging skin.

Having just seen some photos of Kate taken on a recent holiday on a yacht in St Tropez – it seems she was right to be worried.  Still only in her mid thirties – she appears to have the signs of facial aging of someone at least ten year’s older.

True – these photos are taken in the glaring light of the mediterranean sun with little makeup and a full on zoom lense.  None of us would welcome that kind of scrutiny.

Yet the images remain shocking.    The wild child supermodel with the effortless style has morphed into something else entirely.  Looking at the photos you have to remind yourself that she’s one of the world’s top photographic models.  She has pretty well limitless wealth to spend on looking younger – and we know she cares about facial aging.

There’s no doubt that Kate’s skin is showing the effects of an 80+ a day cigarette habit, excess alcohol and sun damage.  Certainly it’s not possible to chain smoke from your teens and escape without damage to your skin.  The result – as shown clearly here – is to accelerate skin aging.

Kate Moss could choose to stop smoking and take better care of her skin.  She can never totally reverse the damage smoking has done to her skin but she could stop things getting worse.  If she carries on in the same way into her forties the chances are she will look like she’s in her mid to late fifties by the time she hits 45.

Facial aging is a part of getting older and all of us have to deal with it.  But most of us would probably prefer to look younger than we are and there’s certainly no need for any woman to add 15 years through simple neglect.

At least Kate has given us all visible proof – if we needed it – that smoking speeds up skin aging and makes you look at least 10 years older than you really are.

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