PermaLip permanent implants

PermaLip-lip-implantsPermaLip – the first ever permanent silicone lip implant was introduced into the UK  by a London based plastic surgeon in early 2007.

PermaLip is a silicone based lip implant which is soft and malleable and produces – so plastic surgeons would have us believe – fuller, luscious lips without the problems previously associated with permanent lip fillers.

Lip plumping procedures until PermaLip were usually carried out with temporary collagen fillers. Although collagen requires regular top ups to retain lip fullness it gives a more “natural” look for lips and was generally a safer procedure.

Plastic Surgeons had previously experimented with other forms of permanent lip implants – Gore-Tex the material used in raincoats being one.

Lip enlargement is now among the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the UK and the US – particularly as one of the anti aging treatments to deal with the thinning lips that can develop with age. Lip fillers have kept their appeal despite much negative publicity from some disastrous celebrity ‘after’ photos featured in the gossip mags.   The phrase “trout pout” hit the tabloid headlines and is now a part of everyday vocabulary.

Before PermaLip, many “permanent” lip implants caused tissue ingrowth resulting in a restricted unatural smile. Far from looking and feeling better, patients often found their lives horribly changed by something which was meant to make them look younger or more beautiful.

PermaLip appears to have none of these problems and can be genuinely offered as safe alternative to collagen fillers for lips. The PermaLip implant costs more than a collagen filler but its a one-off treatment – unlike the collagen filler which will wear off over time.

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