Ditch the silicone – grow your own breast implants

breast_augmentationBreast augmentation procedures may never be the same again.

In a technique pioneered in Japan, scientists have developed a more “natural” approach to breast enlargment using stem cells and fat from a woman’s own body.

Successful trials have already been carried out in Japan producing breasts that look and feel smoother than those from conventional cosmetic surgery using implants. Apparently using stem cell technology means that the fat grows its own blood supply and becomes part of the breast.

The new procedure was given approval last week by German medical authorities and as a result – under European Union law – it automatically becomes legal throughout Europe.

Despite an enthusiastic response from cosmetic surgeons in the UK and elsewhere, the procedure still has to be tested to make sure it is effective and safe longer term.

The technique was developed first in 2004 by Kotaro Yoshimura, a surgeon at Tokyo University medical school. Thirty-nine Japanese women had been given breast enlargement using the procedure with “no major problems” being reported. Breast implants using silicone and water both suffer from the problem of leakage and implants based on fat without stem cells have a high failure rate.

“I believe that within five years my procedure will be available as plastic surgery and that it will prove very popular”

Kotaro Yoshimura

Women who are interested would have to make sure they had sufficient fat on their buttocks and thighs. Stem cell implants create only half the volume of the artificial alternative.

Size zero models and celebrities please take note!

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