Kate Moss: middle aged in her thirties

kate_moss_smokingAccording to recent reports, celebrity supermodel Kate Moss is worried about losing her battle with the aging process – in her thirties

Kate has been spending quite a bit of time recently with her best friend celebrity Sadie Frost and she doesn’t like what she sees. Not only is Sadie nine years older but – according to Kate – she looks much younger.

As reported in Grazia magazine by a source close to the celebrity: ” Kate can’t stop remarking on how young and fresh-faced Sadie looks. She keeps saying that Sadie’s nearly a decade older than her and she looks younger…”

Other reports suggest that Kate Moss has installed many new mirrors in her home and spends time obsessively scrutinizing her face for signs of wrinkles and sagging.

Her worries apparently stem from her fears that a notoriously hard-drinking, chain-smoking lifestyle (which is probably putting it mildly) is starting to impact on her looks. Great bone structure or not – quite a few people have started to notice the signs of aging in her face – and Kate is one of them.

All this may not show in the glossy and heavily retouched perfection that is a magazine photo-shoot. But the paparazzi shots tell a different story.

Increasingly it’s a story that Kate Moss herself doesn’t like. Reported to be horrified by nicotine staining showing up in some paparazzi photos recently – she booked into a top London orthodontist for a teeth whitening program.

According to sources reported recently – Kate has now decided that “beauty comes from within”. Although her interpretation of what that phrase means may not by yours or mine.

“Her smoking and lifestyle are affecting her looks, marked by wrinkling around the eyes that will get worse over the next five years. Beauticians have noted that her chin shows signs of sagging and the shape of her face is becoming less angular and defined.” Sunday Times UK 2005

As far as Kate is concerned beauty from within seems to involve a £30,000 spend at a spa in the Maldives for “a total body makeover”.

But what of the 80+ a day cigarette habit?

No amount of seaweed wraps, or anti aging products will rescue skin from that onslaught.  The link between smoking and skin damage is now well established.  And that’s without considering any excess alcohol or any other mind altering substances that will accelerate the damage from smoking.

As a chain smoker – by her own admission since the age of 12 – and reportedly sometimes smoking two cigarettes at a time (or even three in one famous photo) Kate must have already done some very serious damage to her skin.

The effects of smoking on the skin unfortunately cannot be reversed completely but quitting now would at least stop the damage getting any worse.

Of course, Kate Moss may be in denial about smoking.  She may look at her friend Sadie Frost and delude herself that smoking won’t make any difference. The thing is Sadie is a relatively recent smoker.  She has only smoked for the last three years (compared to Kate’s twenty) and as a lifelong vegetarian may well eat a diet stuffed full of natural antioxidants.

For Kate on the other hand – a veteran heavy smoker in her thirties – middle age may have already started.

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